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  1. I think it would have been better had it not been associated with Pretty Little Liars

  2. Right and then they had the nerve to make pastor Ted Charlotte dad 😭

  3. LOL this picture kills me. She annoyed me so much early on but also wasn’t that bad when she returned in the last season, she helped Emily out and was right about her opinions of Emily and Alison

  4. I hoped this too! I don’t even really care who as long as it all tied together and they had been there all along

  5. I can’t think of another I think this show had a perfect theme song, one of the best imo

  6. I’m currently on Book 7 and have been flying through them. They are addicting and just as good as the show, a lot of similarities and some fun differences

  7. Aside from looks alone, second Jason was way more charismatic and likable even when he was being painted as possibly creepy, first Jason was just stiff and a bit creepy

  8. I think Mona was a great first A, but I always loved the idea that she wasn’t acting on her own and somebody was controlling things above her. That person being Alison would have made perfect sense and would have been an epic reveal! Totally agree with you.

  9. To me, it makes sense that the minute she returns to the town, the texts start. And then hints through the show.

  10. Oh ya great point about the texts starting right when she gets back to town!

  11. Omg there are so many clues for AriA being ‘A’ you can see

  12. Ou thank you I will check that out! I think it actually would have fit to have her be A

  13. Awwww i love your username, i know i said that before but ugh its perfect <3

  14. Ou I’m curious what you mean by her “weird” styled behavior early on?

  15. I just posted something about how the theory that Aria was supposed to be A, this is a big reason why people think so

  16. A did tell Aria’s Mom about the Dad cheating though and Aria knowing

  17. Ahhhh yes! I have seen a few episodes of this show, its really pretty <3

  18. Very pretty and vibey haha, love the music too

  19. Awwww yes its super pretty, i have only seen a few episodes but from what i have seen its very lovely <3

  20. It’s definitely darker content, but beautiful setting and people!

  21. The whole thing but only because I had never made it to the end before

  22. For me its who tried to kill Aria on the Halloween train? I know Wilden, but there was a girls voice too. Are we really supposed to believe that was Melissa?? Why on earth would Melissa try to kill Aria…

  23. Melissa’s entire involvement never really makes sense once we learn who A is

  24. If you don't think that, then give me a reason for why they would get divorced and it has be after original sin.

  25. Awww yes the books are so good! Which one are you up to? And oooh if you are comfortable with me asking, who do you think that ‘A’ is and is your favorite liAr the same as the tv show :P please only answer if you want to <3

  26. I’m currently on the 4th! Totally flying through them but don’t want them to end. So I loved all the liars in the show it’s so hard to pick one. I was most intrigued by Aria, but probably like Emily the most and Hanna’s soft side and storylines. Spencer I liked too, but maybe not as much. In the books, I find Hanna’s story’s most interesting so far and again I think Emily is nicest, Aria most interesting and Spencer kind of creepy so far haha!

  27. I used to feel that way about Toby’s durag scene… lol but it was the scene I never knew I always needed.

  28. no bcos one time he says ‘hey thanks angie’ & i hate it😭 & omg jason saying i cant believe this in the background gets me EVERYTIME 😭😭 it ruins how serious the scene is 😭i thought i was the only one

  29. When does Jason say “I can’t believe this”?

  30. the scene where he’s breaking the bottles A left on his porch, he says it in the background while em gets a text 😭 p sure its the episode where he nearly dies in the elevator

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