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  1. I don't love the book, but in Archer's Voice I find the sexual build up for the virgin MMC very cute

  2. Hey how do you know what's safe for you? I'm really scared to go the gym. I don't plan on doing any heavy weightlifting but I'm scared of doing stuff wrong. Any advice based on your experience

  3. Get a personal trainer, start low and go slow. Going to the gym, when approached correctly is SO GOOD for your overall back and body health especially as you age

  4. When I tried going to the gym 1 month last year there were instructors there who helped me. I even explained my situation but still I don't know I'm scared.

  5. Minuta 2 e50 esht po deshe me e pa ne youtube.

  6. Te te dyja rastet kur flet me pasqyren ashtu thote xD ndoshta e kemi degjuar ne vende te tjera ate "pasqyre moj pasqyre" ose thjesht ne biseda dikur per lehtesi a ku ta di un e kemi thene ashtu.

  7. Te libri borbardhes origjinali ne shqip e ka pasqyre moj pasqyre, ne anglisht e ka mirror mirror, nuk e marr vesh nga doli pasqyra magjike.

  8. Hahha shihe ne anglisht nuk thote mirror mirror xD dublimi ne shqip thjesht e ka perkthyer si anglishtja. Dhe besoj do gjesh shume si vetja ne komente

  9. i was acc crushed when i read that bit!! like i knew it was a happy ending but my brain couldn’t put it together!

  10. it’s River Wild by Samantha Towel! was in my top 10 reads of last year but good god it fucked me up 😂

  11. Oh damn I'm not sure If I wanna give it a try ahah but I'll keep it in mind as a recommendation xD

  12. We called it Ghost Riding. lmao. Just hop off and finish the distance running your ass off. The kid with the newer bike was always last. Omg memories. Thank you. I need to make some calls 😢😍

  13. Sound like fun. The only time I ghosted a bike was if it was bigger than me xD and I had to jump off before landing so I'd not fall lol

  14. How did you know what to do? Did your doctor advise about all the exercises you can or can not do?

  15. Yea my scapula winging is terrible. Everyone's shoulders looks great after surgery mine don't. Thought I'm also a little underweight so it may be understandable that they stick out.

  16. That sounds awful! I think my mom took it with a grain of salt, but it might have been the soonest we could get in

  17. Hello as a woman who lives there I don't think there are any unsafe areas as you mentioned in one other comment. I think it's pretty safe to walk around even at night but be careful anyways. Stay on the main streets and areas. Nothing has happened to me personally but yea being on a whole new country can be scary. I hope you enjoy your time here.

  18. Ne Shqiperi, Tirane psh ato pak here qe kam rastisur ska ndodhur gje. Gjithsesi deri ne 10 te mbremjes ka njerez qe ikin nga puna ne shtepi dhe le te themi ndjehesh me rehat me idene qe s'je i/e vetmja.

  19. Besoj frika në një rrugë pa njerëz ekziston për këdo dhe kudo. Është njerëzore, vetëm nëse di arte marciale ose ecën me pistollë në brez. xp

  20. Shiko se rruget pa njerez nuk me trembin me duket paqesore te dalesh e kot per ecje. Puna eshte kur del nje person aty dhe thua hmmm is shit about to go down xD

  21. If you're a college student, you should get access for free for the vast majority of articles via your university (you usually need to be on their internet/VPN. Sometimes you might have to search the article title via your school library's website as well). It is not something you should have to pay for, your university will have subscriptions to various journals.

  22. Youre uni/college should have access to a lot of scientific papers. Try the uni library online. If not, Google the main author. Find them and email them for a free copy of the paper. They don't make money off of their paper (in fact they lose quite a bit) so they'll probably just email you with an attachment to their article

  23. Yea. It's a good advice but it's kinda hopeless in my country. Not much information if you can use or even have a online library.

  24. Nuk e di. Ka 1 arsye pse disa gjana jane te parë si jo etike. Mos u bo ma katolik se papa. Mbaji cicat te mlune. A del ti i zhveshun ne shpi? Ne pune ? Ne shkolle? Ka disa rregulla mbi te cilat shoqnia njerezore ka jetu me qindra vite. Nuk eshte emancipim " shlirosja e cicave ". Ka fusha tjera ku bohet fuqizimi i femrave

  25. Une e kuptoj qe ka gjera me te rendesishme ku mund te kerkoje vemendje emancipimi i femres. Por kjo nuk eshte arsye per ta antagonizuar kete gje. Nese ti ke uniforme ne shkolle pune etj ne rregull le te themi qe dhe per etike le te perdoret kjo pjese veshje. Po ne shtepi? Srri rehat ne shtepi ti? Ca ndryshimi ka nqs poshte nje hoodie apo bluze normale vajza ska gje? Shumicen e kohes as do e verenit mungesen e tyre. Shihni femrat ne sy e jo ne gjoks.

  26. un as si shoh ne sy as ne gjoks, se se kqyri kerkon ne publik.

  27. Ah po biologjia, le te justifikojme sjelljen prej primati me ane te biologjise. Sic nuk sheh ti te tjeret ne publik e njejta mund te behet nga kushdo. E njoh realitetin dhe e di cfare ndodh, por thjesht po thoja qe ka shume raste ku femra mund te mos i veshi sytjenat dhe ska pse shihet si degradim.

  28. Yeah. I had really bad degeneration in that part of my back, and the curve had progressed about 20 degrees in less than two years. I was in a ton of pain all the time and it was so bad I couldn't stand for more than 30 seconds or so. The surgery saved me! I feel soooo much better.

  29. Wait ...the fused part got worse by 20 degrees? Sorry I'm curious. I'm glad you're feeling better.

  30. No need to apologize! The un-fused part got worse. When I was a kid in 1990, I was fused from T4-L2. I was fine for a lot of years, but started having really awful pain in my left lower back, hip, and leg. It was similar to sciatica pain (my sciatic nerve was indeed impinged), but regular sciatic treatments weren't working. Plus there was other pain. I spent years and thousands of dollars trying to avoid surgery. In late 2020, when my imaging showed so much curvature advancement from 2019, I was like, fine, I'll talk to a surgeon. I wish I had just gone to him from the get-go. So now I have the old T4-L2 fusion plus the new L4-S1 fusion.

  31. I'm glad you're fine. Haha in fact I'm worrying about myself. The unknown future is scary xD Yea even though you're an adult it still progressed huh

  32. my guess is girls understand they don't need us as much as before

  33. my guess is girls understand they don't need us as much as before or they are virtual fake girls who like to play you

  34. What do you mean "as much as before" ? Before when? Some women aren't even born during that before time. I just think everyone need someone to be close to.

  35. never ending darling ane marry my husband are two that I just started and I really like them

  36. I saw someone else in this threat mentioning never ending darling and I'm so glad I read that comment. It's a good one...can't wait to see what happens next

  37. Kot kuriozitet...mundet qe personat te cileve ju jane shperndare te dhenat te marrin masa ligjore kunder bankes?

  38. It didn't work for me. It reduced the hair but not enough for me to enjoy not having to shave or being hairless. I think it's because I went to a really crappy place. They conned me into buying a bunch of sessions and when those sessions didn't work, they said I probably need more sessions for it to work because everyone's hair growth is different (which is true), then I eventually called it quits. I know several other family members/people who saw results in less sessions than I did at other places. So I think there are a lot of other places out there that do work.

  39. Yea I can relate. In the future I'll go to a professional. If I spend money at least it'll be worth it.

  40. I feel this only works on women with fine straight hair because the Latina and Persian hair in me said “lol you really THOUGHT”

  41. It’s on the effectiveness of homework on student academic achievement. Note, I’m a teacher so my masters had to be related to education

  42. Its really interesting. I guess we will have to wait for it to be published in order to read it.

  43. Basically the results show that homework is effective for students in older primary grades through adult learners. Early primary students don’t benefit from homework unless it’s short and infrequently assigned weekly to establish a sense of a homework routine for later in their academic career. However, there was not enough current research available on the topic with statistical data. The topics research in terms of getting scientific data to prove or disprove homework relevance has somewhat come to a halt leaving educators with old and outdated homework suggestion guidelines. Teachers are left to their own devices to use their own thoughts and opinions on assigning homework.

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