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  1. Nick Cushing. The team has to win on Saturday. It's a true must win for him.

  2. Nah, he'll get the summer transfer window to build his squad. This club seems set on one style of play. Firing Cushing just to bring in another guy who plays the same way isn't gonna change anything. It's the player roster that needs upgrading.

  3. Cushing, through no fault of his own, has been dealt a shit hand so far. I think the club knows that and they're not gonna blame/fire/scapegoat him or whatever. He's gonna get the summer window to finally build a team to his image. And then if he can't get results, then he gets fired.

  4. Thankfully for him this game was absolutely ruined by terrible officiating. Im curious if the front office is waiting for him to get a striker to truly see what he’s capable of with coaching.

  5. This is gonna be his most important transfer window by far. If he can't build a winning team this summer and get us playing well going into the playoffs, then he's just not the guy.

  6. We simply can't consistently field a competitive team with this squad. Multiple key signings are needed. This is gonna be a very important transfer window.

  7. very important transfer window coming up for us. we're not a competitive team right now.

  8. the main thing i wrote in the survey they sent out is PLEASE don't price out the fans.

  9. underground parking lot of Shop Rite of Avenue I/McDonald ave has a bunch of machines. or at least they did pre-covid, i haven't been there in forever.

  10. I like that despite being a handsome dude, Bill Skarsgard is fully committed to playing every weird/creepy role he can find, like a normally-proportioned Doug Jones.

  11. I’m still scarred from that experience. I’ve been adding extra items in my cart prior to checkout ever since the skyline drop lol. I’m 4 for 4 since adopting this technique. Might not need to do it anymore but can’t argue with the success rate.

  12. This looks awesome! Where can you buy one of these??


  14. Was there no limit on how many you could buy? I was only going to get one but since it didn't specify a limit I was able to snag 2. Was in and out within 3 minutes as well. Wow that sold out extremely fast though.

  15. yea, i was there as soon as it dropped, and checkout put me in a virtual line. it was less than a minute tho. overall it went smooth.

  16. I vaguely recall a thread on this sub around a decade ago warning people of an increasingly unhinged Ray Romano impersonator harassing people on subway platforms.


  18. who's squeezing a rubber duck into the microphone?

  19. some idiot now has 500 Kevin Blackwood t-shirts in various sizes

  20. I hope they pick a name as cool as the others

  21. Imagine TK reading this list in the same style he makes announcements on Dynamite.


  23. This match fucking ruled. So much fun. Mister Softee is over.


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