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  3. Ridiculous, I agree. And they apparently weren't quoted materials because the price changes more than I change my duds.


  5. Man, Spain really just had one good generation and now it's back to being talented but underperforming.

  6. Their population pyramid is pretty fucked. They have a really small amount of 15-25 year olds at the moment, as a percentage of their population during the golden era. All the huge name Spanish players are in their 35s-40s, which is where the population bulge is in Spain. Crushing poverty, youth unemployment, and inability to move out of your parent's house are catching up to them. They're having fewer kids and have less money to support football and hobbies.


  8. So, we must believe this guy escaped out of China without the knowledge of the government and he snuck back in again without anyone knowing. He is bragging about it now?

  9. Man was in a re-education facility while he signed over all his shit to the gov. He made the mistake of becoming more popular than the government amongst the people.

  10. Where did that comment about Serbia come from? Is there a back story?

  11. Comes from the massive, massive chip on Bojan's shoulder.

  12. Ongoing bronchitis/plastic bronchitis can sneak up on you like that

  13. as we have seen with the iranian football players during the WC, not all muslims live in the middle ages when it comes to religion. this would probably be mostly a problem with the higher ups and the ppl in power. like always.

  14. Tell me you haven't spoken to an Indonesian without telling me you haven't spoken to an Indonesian. They don't like (hate) Jews and Israel. This isn't a surprise to FIFA nor have Indonesia ever attempted to hide it. Java also hates the idea of Bali being a more successful and popular area, and of people doing haram things in Bali, because they consider it part of the one state.

  15. Isnt it just the perfect word to describe his commentary though?

  16. I'd heard reports to the effect that filming would be delayed until Flintoff chose to return (with the others not wanting to replace him until he'd made a decision), but I'm surprised the BBC are coming out and saying it rather than just, not showing a series.

  17. Freddie's a lot taller than Hammond and the trike has a lot less roll cage protection than the jet car. Hammond mentioned in his bio that being short saved him from irreversible spinal injury by like an inch because of the way the car flipped and dug into the turf.

  18. Sounds like they reached a settlement with Flintoff and an apology and a guarantee to not film behind his back were part of it.

  19. The lasher of Luxembourg (8); the laird of Lithuania (7); the slaughterer of Sweden (7); the assassin of Andorra (6); the arch-nemesis of Armenia (5); the liege of Latvia (5); the eliminator of Estonia (4) annnnndddd the foeeee of... Faroe Islands (4).

  20. I guarantee if Ulrich von Liechtenstein was in goal it woulda been an easy block.

  21. He's hot, he's strong, his losing streak is long:

  22. REITS are an inverse of interest rates. You acquire a bunch of property, and when interest rates are low and occupancy is high, you make bank. When occupancy falls and interest rates increase, they're generally loss making. They provide a constant steady return when interest rates are low, and the appeal is that a REIT might deliver 4.3% dividends while rates are 1-0%.

  23. Aren't viruses killed under high temperatures? Unless the curry was prepared at room temperature, I cannot see how the virus can live in curry long enough to infect the consumer of the curry

  24. You don't want to know how curry is made commercially tbh. The sauces are often stored in buckets at room temperature for weeks, they're not cooking it from scratch each time.

  25. People can’t spell so often that one begins to question one’s own literacy.

  26. Functional illiteracy is much bigger in Australia than is officially recognised. Tradies dropping out in year 10 combined with people who never read mean there's a raft of people who guess how to spell words phonetically they've only ever heard and never seen written down. The number of dudes that rely on their wife or missus to fill out official forms for them because they can't read or write adequately is astonishing.

  27. Made happy optimistic music when the Australian scene was obsessed with being miserable and grunge influenced. Same reason Baz Luhrmann's films are shit on while Candy, Two Hands, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Wake in Fright, Wolf Creek, are lauded.

  28. The legalisation is coming. The piggies in parliament can smell the tax cash and are salivating over it. If the lib nats didn't masturbate with holy water for lube, we'd have it already imo.

  29. The alcohol lobby is the main impediment, same with the US and Anheuser-Busch. Carlton & United Breweries are ALP Donors, Asahi donated to ALP and LNP, Coopers are LNP members, Lion donated to the ALP twice, Clubs donated to the ALP 7 times, Spirits and Cocktails Australia donated to the ALP 3 times, and so on and so forth.

  30. Cut the salt OP. You mentioned breakfast burritos and frozen pizzas, they're not doing you any favours. Docs are concerned about strokes in men 30-74 and men under 44 are hospitalised more frequently for stroke than women, that's why they're concerned about you now you're 33.


  32. Based on the total lack of competitiveness in the third division, it cannot be that big in Spain. The other divisions are similarly lacking in competitiveness it seems. Just not enough good players to go around.

  33. LaLiga and Segunda División is like this as well. Teams like Granada or Elche would struggle in MLS and seem like poorly funded rural teams, but get smacked around the park by the big 4 of Spanish football. It's surreal seeing these teams show up to what are basically rural cow paddocks.

  34. My school colours were shit Brown and piss yellow

  35. SGHS def chose that to be as unattractive as humanly possible.

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