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  1. This is a joke from Ace ventura 2? I remember it from Mr Deeds.

  2. That one guy is Mr Deeds that Adam Sandler referred to as the monopoly man tipped his monocle.

  3. As a fellow windshield tech. Ha! That's what you get for being a big corporate shop.

  4. I hope GG pursues legal action. Easy money from this clear cut case of slander.

  5. Not so easy. Since Dan is a public figure he has to prove these statements were made with "actual malice" which is a legal term meaning that the person posting the accusation knew they were purposefully lieing. Which gets much harder to prove in court. Sure the post was defamatory but it has to meet the legal threshold for "actual malice" to actually go somewhere in the legal system.

  6. Hell stranger. You put waayyy more thought into being civil than I think is probably warranted for a place like reddit tbh. Not that it isn't refreshing and very much appreciated, of course.

  7. Depends on your definition of heavy equipment. My Pawpaw has a Ford Tractor he's had my whole life and that things is a workhorse. Holland bought out ford's equipment division. But if you ever see an old blue farm tractor still kicking its a Ford.

  8. If you don't mind me asking what was the lead time from donating to shout out?

  9. Dragon breath is awesome. It's dry ice cooled crunch berries you breath vapor from the tempature difference between the super cooled snack and your mouth. It's a fun mall snack that seemed to be everywhere like 3 years ago.

  10. I think that's what it was because it was in a mall and I saw some people walking around with vapor coming out of there mouths but iij thought they were vaping

  11. I love Jeff's tweets!

  12. Because I have horrendous IBS and if I have to piss I'm most likely shitting as well. Wooo 8 poops a day.

  13. Should have used the picture of the Salt Mine in the EDZ. If you don't know German Salzwerk literally translates to salt factory.

  14. As a top tree sunbracer warlock, I am married from to my Monte Carlo lol

  15. Because what's better than raining fire as you fly around? Top tree is the most fun.

  16. I built the Kimaris last weekend! its annoying that it cant hold the spear without a base.

  17. I have the same headset except I broke mine by rolling over the dongle .

  18. My guess would be freight elevator. Most large buildings have a separate elevator for large deliveries or for tenants moving. If you took the legs and radar attachments off it would most likely fit in one sideways. Also since freight elevators are typacally used with a key from management you don't have to worry about keeping the thing on one floor with the door open while you reattach stuff.

  19. Almost certain they used a helicopter. Source: I used to be one of the guys who hooked shit underneath helicopters.

  20. Neat. Would something like this be lifted already assembled?

  21. That's why I said I'd spell it in caps 😉

  22. ISIS is the English translation. Go all in and be Daesh.

  23. That's actually not a terrible article on gunfights. It does feel a bit like it would have been originally published in Cracked. That might be formatting though.

  24. I mean some cracked articles were amazing. Robert Evans was the best part of that site. All the articles on the middle east and his personal experience articles were great for expanding a younger me's worldview. His 2 current podcasts are amazing.

  25. I don't know, but I know he was teased in one of the GotG Vol 2 post credits scene.

  26. That's the scene I'm referring to so I guess I'm remembering right. (aka to lazy to open another tab to check so I'm assuming I'm right)

  27. Yeah, but it isn't the collector. The leader of the Sovereign race (the golden people) are still mad at the Guardians. And she's pissed that they were defeated. So she vows to create a more perfect version of them, and call him Adam.

  28. My bad I was thinking you saw it in the same seen you see laika and Howard the duck

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