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  1. I've actually never been laid off or fired in my life.

  2. Shit in the top part of the toilet in my bosses office bathroom. While he was out on vacation for a couple weeks. Was let go by text right before the holidays. Not proud of it but I was young.

  3. If I get no duty on 21st Jan I would love to join. Not a biking fan, never played video games but we share the same profession!

  4. Okay okay. Let's do 'useful' startups. You know something that helps solve real problems of normal ppl. Like plastic disposal or sanitary waste disposal or recycling water better.

  5. If a startup is not solving a problem, it will not succeed. If a startup is getting funding, it is solving some sort of problem.

  6. I still feel the startup culture is way better in Banglore. If we can work on our infra, we can do wonders!

  7. Few days ago, on this reddit, someone cringed about AMC misbehaving with IIM hawkers, now this question. I have started to like this reddit now.

  8. Bruhhh this deserves a separate post. Although I might not agree with everything you said, but the points you make are valid to some extent.

  9. Give us all some more details. Maybe you might find some good folks here who can help out your venture

  10. Surprised to see Surat’s per capita almost half of that of Amdavad’s. Always thought Surat was richer.

  11. It will grow even faster in the coming years because of the Foxconn factory, bulk Pharma production, Tata airbus factory etc.

  12. woh log nunu massage dete he kya 🥵😛

  13. Nahi bhai. Issiliye muje waha se massage book karna hai. Ekdum professional, ghar Aake kar dete hai massage

  14. What's your height? I'm 6'2" and always face this issue

  15. that's not too much, you can easily get denims with a 30-32 waist for your height

  16. I am out just because you did not mention the name of the beacon of Sigmas, Lord Andrew Tate.

  17. I am not a lawyer but as a medical professional all I can suggest is no matter whatever path you take, try to get a proper therapy from a good doctor.

  18. Medical field would have been a way better place if majority of people were like you man. Super helpful stuff man.

  19. I am not sure of the name but my friend lives there and he goes there regularly to read. They have nice comfortable halls for reading. He says the “vibe” is good.

  20. Could you let me know the name, so i can inquire further. Thanks xx

  21. Yo! Aye don't be too hard on yourself, I ought to have clarified. In a nutshell, a lot of universities abroad demand that students write up an SOP (Statement of Purpose) which describes their background, why they wanna pursue the course, why they wanna go to this country and this particular varsity, hobbies, list of their mom's boyfriends etc., as part of the application process. (I am kidding ofc xD) IMHO it's a supercilious requirement but it is what it is.

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