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  1. What was done to your canines? They don't look as pointy as the before pics. Were they removed?

  2. Nothing… they’re still there, didn’t shave them down either.. only teeth had shaved a little were bottom front 2 and top front two! They were just so crowded before.. musta been an optical illusion! And I agree with you… crazy how that happens! Huge transformation, huh?! 😃

  3. Thanks guys!!! I’m so happy!!! Waiting to get my clear retainers on Tuesday! Worrying my teeth will move in the mean time!! 😩 Almost done with everything!!! You can see more progress pics on my profile! I just wanna say, this was the BEST investment I’ve ever made! Self confidence is well worth it!!!!!

  4. You teeth look amazing OP! I can't wait until the end of me journey (I'm so ready for it to be over haha).

  5. "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline." But she is born with thar beautiful natural black eye makeup! 😍😊

  6. Yes, lol I totally agree!! I think it looks like eye liner too! I thought that when I first saw him/met him! 💙

  7. It works out… don’t worry! I thought the same thing and when my bottoms went on, they didn’t even touch my top teeth.. so no worries! It’ll all work out!!

  8. I love him! He has such a strikingly handsome appearance. Give him a hug and cuddle for me. Such a gorgeous big boy! ❤

  9. Thank you!! I sure will!!! 🫂 and yeah I agree.. he’s a very handsome fella! We get stopped and get compliments every single day when we walk! He loves it and the attention!!! 💙

  10. I get colors and never had this problem! But I also don’t eat curry much. But next time just get grey or like a dark blue or something! Just don’t do white!!!!

  11. Wow!!! I’m sorry.. but he’s clearly not thinking right! He’s definitely in the wrong!!

  12. They look amazing! Just checked your old pics and your teeth have changed so much :) congrats on the home stretch! Im told mine should be off end of year too.

  13. Thank you!! I think so too!!! And that’s awesome!!! Good for you! I know how excited I am to get mine off and I can’t wait to eat food with out it all cramming in my cheeks and braces! 😆 So I know how excited you must too! Such a confidence booster! Best of luck to you!!

  14. It’s mold from water being trapped under the nail. It’ll grow off. It’s happened to me before! No worries! Obviously it’s not good, but it won’t hurt you! Yes it looks ugly. You can sand it down a little, that’s the only way to get it off!

  15. I'd be happy if this was my final result :)

  16. Thank you! So I had the top row on for 7-8 months or so before the bottoms put on and I remember the doc saying the tops need to be as straight as possible before the bottoms go on!!

  17. Invested for the first time in my life last week, and I picked Doge. I’m here to learn and see what happens!

  18. I use a Water Pik, an Electric Tooth brush, those Interdental Brush Floss thingies and mouth wash! 4 part cleaning and my teeth feel super clean!!!!

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