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  1. This would’ve been an option for R, because the song title starts with Radical Action

  2. Queer Jazz won? Just in time for Pride Month

  3. Why don't people just wait for the T to come up for The Court of the Crimson King? It's literally not a big deal.

  4. “The” is not counted in titles. That is just plain normal, correct grammar and everyone should have learned that in grade school.

  5. I know, but a bunch of people got angry that Cadence and Cascade won instead of the Court of The Crimson King

  6. I figure since the next few are going to be real easy to pick from, I'll ask now - Are we counting "The" for T if we're allowing Great Deceiver in G?

  7. Btw will someone make a (youtube) playlist out of this when its finished?

  8. Not my fault. It was the most upvoted of the comments, I know how you feel.

  9. do they mean Neal and Jack and Me where they say Absent Lovers?

  10. After a scroll through their catalog on Apple Music, unless I've missed something, Heartbeat is basically one of only two tangible original songs, with only a couple other oddities in the historical record as well, and it clearly wins for me. Our other options are:

  11. Once I get to a letter that no King Crimson song starts with, the commenters can use solo songs from the members of King Crimson.

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