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  1. It's better than 3H. The story is campy, which I prefer. The maps are brilliant. The characters are ridiculous in the best ways imaginable. And Alear being the straight man was an unexpected move that really increased the enjoyment of just running around and talking to people, just to see how they'll react to the bat shit insane comments of the army

  2. Unpopular opinion: I want the thunder cloud back, but I want where it is in the item roulette to be adjusted, along with some slight balance adjustments. First off, balancing. I'd make it give a 5%-10% speed boost, but have the shrinkage be on a timer similar to 8th place with a lightning bolt. That would make it a noticeable boost, but not overpowering for 200cc, and the drawback is also noticeable, but not game ending like it is in Wii. Then, placement. I'd put it as a rare item for the top 3 places, similar to how the Super Horn is for those spots. It gives the player the option to try and use the extra speed to widen the gap so their placement won't fall or fall back to pass it on to another person. The strategy added would be additional depth that I'd be all for

  3. I don't know who they are precisely, but I know they have less charisma than Byleth

  4. Nah, the true collectors item is Madden 10 on the PS2. Makes it well worth the tag

  5. Mortal Savant Ingrid. A real sleeper unit. Give her Death/Fiendish/Darting Blow, Transmute, and Sword Prowess. A magic damage sponge that turns into a beastly counterattacker. Was top 3 on my CF Maddening run. Ingrid also has a surprisingly deep pool of light magic, so be sure to upgrade her to B in white magic. Her black magic will mostly be supplemental, but a Levin Sword will be a great means of magic attack

  6. The first time I played XC2, I got lost in Uraya trying to get to Fonsa Myma and got so frustrated that I just stopped playing. Fast forward a year, and I gave it another try. Good thing I did. The game was wonderful. Now I have every game in the series, absolutely loved 3, am playing 1 now, and will some day play X. None of them will top Super Mario Galaxy, but they litter my top 10

  7. No. Sommie only deserves the highest quality meat around. But don’t think that means you’ll get away with disgracing this subreddit

  8. Yup, Floren is a dude. And the only genderless blade is Roc, of all of them

  9. My speculation is that roc falls under the "beast form" type blades, which don't have any specified genders

  10. I believe the game lists him as humanoid, and I know Dromarch is listed as a male, despite being a beast form

  11. Try grinding Vampire Bride Marion. It had a pretty high drop rate of gold chips, which will increase drop rates from enemies even if a blade isn't used in battle. And per my recollection, the effect stacks. After kitting out my team with as many gold chips as possible, I wanna say I was getting a legendary core crystal with almost every defeat, which only took about 3 minutes per fight

  12. Hot take, but I actually kinda don’t want there to be an XC4, because 1-3 is all tied up in a neat little bow, not everything needs a happy ending, I also don’t want xenoblade to become another final fantasy, with 47 remakes, 17 main story games, and a partridge in a pear tree, I think it would be a lot nicer it xenoblade had a story to tell, then just be milked forever

  13. Agreed. I don't think it will become that, either. Based on bits of interviews I've read, Takahashi sounds like he's finally satisfied with the story he told. He's been trying to do something like this for 25 years, and he finally did it. I wouldn't be surprised if he and Monolith moved to other projects once the DLC is finished

  14. I think it's because he's no nonsense. All FE lords are somehow connected to royalty or have dragon blood or some other thing to make them plot relevant. Then there's Ike. He's a guy who is big and strong. Not because he's got super powers either. He's just a strong guy

  15. I’m skipping Engage. It looks super cringe. Metroid Prime: Remastered is awesome but that’s because Metroid Prime is one of the greatest games ever made. Switch doesn’t get credit for GameCube’s second best game. (Resident Evil 4 for life, baby!)

  16. Engage is cringe. The story is intentionally ridiculous and silly. Characters sans Alear are completely off their meds. But the gameplay is super tight, and the maps are rather creative. It's a very fun experience

  17. Were you running Sena with a Launch/Smash combo to provide both combo paths?

  18. I don’t even care about trying to get the S rank I just want the Shulk outfit but the moment I reached stage 50 I got the shit kicked out of me.

  19. Crys is a hell of a roadblock, but with some good break luck, he's a breeze

  20. Regardless, you really shouldn't play Three Hopes without first playing Three Houses. It's a what-if style spinoff that requires at least a decent knowledge of Fódlan, the Three Houses/Hopes world, to properly appreciate

  21. Free?! I'd have to pay 30 bucks per joycon😎👍

  22. If you like FF, my guess is that you'll like this. MonolithSoft was originally born out of SquareSoft, as the precursor to their projects, Xenogears, was a Square developed game that was based on a rejected FF7 plot. There is a lot of nuance to the stories, and while I'd like to give you an overview, a lot of the stuff is drip fed to you throughout the games, so the themes and main conflicts are technically spoilers

  23. IS, if you're not a bunch of cowards, you'd make Armstrong the villian of FE18. Do it. I dare you

  24. Her most common line is "Bitchqueen", being her term for Monica

  25. The entirety of Claude’s story was all building up to saying “You’re a crusty old bastard”

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