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  1. Fucking hell stop with this Rhea shit jesus just let someone wack her

  2. Hates the ever-loving out of his dad...Still uses parts of his theme

  3. The white bar on top is the xp bar? Almost a thousand hours into this game and I NEVER knew that lmao

  4. Anytime my wife sees a chef or barista with a haircut like Rhea's, I gotta be like "Bruh, be cool..."

  5. Was LA Knight’s last PPV match the Bray Wyatt match at the royal rumble?

  6. Capcom already got called out for sexism about this Outfit. You can expect them go remove it soon.

  7. Yes haha never really cared about them before but one day noticed i had enough for a £25 gift card now i can't stop!

  8. Derrick Lewis doing Derrick Lewis shit all day would be legendary

  9. They can’t do cheese and crackers though, they’re all Yew tree!

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