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  1. I think it's only sexism that prevents her from being appreciated for the brilliant troll that she is, this is Trump-worthy levels of perfectly calibrated to piss off the largest number of people

  2. My hot take is ppl need to let the Adam thing go… like. Ha ha— It was years ago?

  3. particularly as Adam fans have their very own subreddit now anyway

  4. there are so many good Fassbinder ones: Love Is Colder Than Death, Beware of a Holy Whore, Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?

  5. I Only Want You To Love Me is another great Fassbinder one.

  6. the paper bag boom prank where you fill a paper bag tight with air then slam on it and it makes a really loud noise

  7. wait, I though the joke was that the guy with the bag is going make the guy with the hammer jump as he's hammering the nail into the missile, causing the missile to detonate and killing them both

  8. Actual serious answer : these kind of comics are very popular in protestant eu countries for some reason - you can usually find a local collection of these as postcards in bookstore

  9. this is interesting - someone should run the numbers on which US comic strips are most popular in different European countries. it makes sense that chilly northern European protestants would be attracted to the Far Side with its blank eyed, bespectacled passive potato people, I would guess that hot-blooded Mediterraneans are more into Garfield

  10. 2 bottles of white wine, 2 microwaveable hamburgers, 2 packets of chicken meatballs, 1 cajun chicken sandwich

  11. I just looked and the most upvoted post on the whole sub is a drawing someone did of a fat Dasha, so I guess more fat Dasha content is the real answer

  12. I like the personal anecdotes, posts that feel like they'll be a resource for future historians and anthropologists writing about this era

  13. there are some nice paintings in the Walker art gallery (but it's closed on Mondays) and the Tate Liverpool.

  14. op could have turned it around by explaining all this to the cashier in detail after she said 'oh', then she would have been impressed by op's level of dinosaur knowledge

  15. beautiful tribute to the scene in Prick Up Your Ears (1987) where Joe Orton has his first homosexual experience when him and Kenneth Halliwell wank each other off while watching the coronation

  16. is this a class thing? In the UK I feel like lots of working-class young guys are ripped gym-bros and lots of working class young women are overweight (but also have super-elaborate/time consuming make-up/mails/hair etc), so it makes sense those people would end up each other

  17. it's amazing how quickly UK left twitter has gone from demanding new bank holidays to decrying the fact that stuff is going to be closed on Monday because of the bank holiday

  18. 'the director could have just imagined this in his mind instead of making a film' is such a great piece of filmcrit, I'm going to make this argument in all of my letterboxd reviews from now on

  19. this is a good article on drill and 'dangerous' music

  20. Chelsea being baited into quote-tweeting that (ghost-written by Dasha) Adam tweet is still the best thing any of those three has ever been involved in


  22. Janie Runaway from Two Against Nature (2000) is already basically a song about Epstein

  23. whenever someone posts about Ella Emhoff there's always a lot of people commenting with suggestions of who/what she looks like, but I feel like in this case no-one is ever going to improve on that tweet that said she looks like the main cast of Seinfeld combined into one person, every time I see a picture of her I'm just staggered again by how accurate it is, all further comment on Ella Emhoff's appearance became redundant after that

  24. people on here get mad at funko pop guys because they themselves are basically funko pop guys with more refined tastes. funko pop guys are most basic kind of aesthetes, and the aesthetes who like Fassbinder movies or whatever need to assert the fact that they are higher up on the aesthete ladder.

  25. a guy with an apartment full of funko pops and a guy with an apartment full of criterion collection dvds and rare power electronics albums are likely to have more in common with each other personality and lifestyle-wise than either has with a normal person

  26. the Queen and Gorbachev chilling in heaven together watching Twin Peaks

  27. this 2004 phd thesis on 'fat masculinities and the violence of embodiment' contains a section on Brando, having read it I can only come to the conclusion that the answer to your question is 'no'

  28. is there an example of someone you could point to? I agree but there seems to be disagreement about exactly where it starts and ends. to me the term means someone who used to be athletic and maybe doesn't work out as much anymore but is still visually strong. I wouldn't consider seth rogan in 'neighbors' to be a dad bod.

  29. when the dad bod thing was at its height I remember women complaining that it was sexist and evidence of how low beauty standards are for men, but if anything it's evidence of increasingly demanding male beauty standards - like you say, most of the guys described in the media as having 'dad bods' weren't Seth Rogan style fat guys, they were just guys who have what would have been considered a perfectly fine leading man physique 10-20 years ago, and no-one would have thought to give it some backhanded compliment name because they weren't full on muscle marys.

  30. I didn't realise that people on this sub would be so down on Jonah Hill, I wouldn't have asked if I'd known the replies would just be loads of people saying mean things about him.

  31. who is the zoomer funny fat guy? some guy on tiktok, I guess

  32. a lot of garfield minus garfield strips are funny, but mainly because the original garfield strip is funny, basically garfield minus garfield = good, but people who think that standard garfield is bad and that the reason garfield minus garfield is good is because it's counterintuitively making bad garfield strips funny are horribly misguided

  33. right-wing brit commentators were getting really mad about that NYT article comparing her to Enoch Powell, but missed the article's main flaw, which is failing to note that the big similarity between her and Enoch is that they're both on the spectrum

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