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  1. It could be a harmless mold. id prob use baking soda and a wet paper towel. My mold is aweful and its clear/white

  2. There is also some white-ish, fluffy thing where the paint has cracked and fallen off. But I've read it can also be salt coming out of the walls

  3. Cluj-Napoca, Romania 🇷🇴🧛‍♀️ turning 25, F, I would rather drink chlorine than have a child. I doubt I'll be able to find anyone from here on this sub lol

  4. Hello fellow romanian! I’m from Alba Iulia 🇷🇴 but I live in Barcelona 🇪🇸 at the moment. Had to scroll a lot to find you! 😂 I am 37F, with a 37M partener of 9 years and a 17 year old cat. Living the good DINK life I’ve always wanted.

  5. Now that was unexpected 😂 but it sounds so fun! We should see the cat though, you know, for scientific reasons

  6. Magnets and I keep the small trinkets, such as tickets

  7. 15 ore talpă între Cluj și Galați. Mă uitam pe geam, citeam, mă uitam pe YouTube, mă jucam, etc

  8. I live in the EU, I don't even use my passport to travel around in most of the countries in Europe. I don't feel affected by it

  9. Welp, time to return to Poland once again 😆 in which city?

  10. Found them at HalfPrice just around Szczecin!

  11. Thank you! I got 2 other Javas and 2 Japanese ones in HalfPrice, but in Kraków. Good to know for my next trip there to look in other HalfPrices as well

  12. Fellow Romanian here, just came back from Krakow (also been to Warsaw in January). You'll be fine

  13. Mersi. Chiar, cu mancarea cum v-ati descurcat? Incercam sa ne incadram pe partea mai ieftina (nu ne deranjeaza nici sa mai gatim in apartamentul inchiriat). Sunt ceva cantine bune si mai de buget?

  14. Pe dimineață ne luam de pe la magazine una, alta, doar cafea ce ne luam to-go

  15. Monster Energy Super Fuel Subzero. Absolutely hate that shit

  16. Milk bars (in Poland), they're some sort of cafeterias and have rather cheap and tasty food

  17. Thank you. Wasn’t expecting it to be where I live lol do you remember which store it was?

  18. Vezi că de obicei erau arhive cu subiecte din anii anteriori. N-am fost la info română, nu știu ce să-ți zic, dar dacă respectă structura, poate poți face ceva subiecte mai vechi, să te pregătești

  19. Nu numai ca iti poate rezolva problema umiditatii dar iti va imbunatati si calitatea aerului din casa. Exista sisteme de ventilatie cu dezumidificare plus recuperare de caldura, aer curat si iarna fara sa pierzi caldura cu geamuri deschise. E oleaca de munca si nu sunt ieftine dar o sa iti schimbi viata. Ai grija in schimb sa fie o firma reputabila care stie ce face ca altfel iti dai alte batai de cap, la noi e mai greu cu sisteme de genul dar sunt firme serioase peste tot, daca sistemul nu ti-l gandeste un inginer specializat ci un nea Ion care a mai facut el si tot nea Ion instaleaza, fugi si cauta altceva

  20. Uite de asta mi-e groază, printre altele. Nu mă deranjează să dau un ban extra pentru calitate, dar sunt multi Dorei. Bonus fiind și gagică fără cunoștințe în domeniu, sunt ținta perfectă pentru ceva vrăjeală să mă facă la bani

  21. Carota de 16cm, iei unu din-asta, sau 1 Per camera:

  22. Săr'na, o să dau un ochi pe site. I-ai contactat separat pentru plan, sau o dată cu achiziția, ai rezolvat și asta?

  23. Nu sunt din Timișoara, dar eu am schimbat la Banca Transilvania, anul trecut

  24. Merci, din cate am inteles ar trebui sa suni/anunti inainte in caz ca nu au pe moment, dar dupa sfaturile din thread, merg pe varianta de withdraw Revolut la bancile mentionate mai sus

  25. Dada, I second this as well. Doar să eviți bancomatele Euronet, că alea iau comisioane de îți tragi palme. În rest you're good to go la orice bancomat de bancă locală (au echivalentul la BRD și BCR + încă vreo câteva, deci sunt opțiuni)

  26. I've been single for 2 years now. I'm not that optimistic, considering the options on dating platforms, but I guess I should wait and see. I haven't really been actively dating, so there's also that

  27. unfortunately as short girls, we struggle more then others because our BMR is soo small, i know other shorties will up there calories too 1300-1400 and just add more exercise to make up for those extra calories. i dont know how to add groups in a comment but check out volume eating and 1200isplenty. Those groups have been AMAZING. if you need any help you can message me too!

  28. do you weight lift? i found that weight lifting makes everything just a little more enjoyable, i’ve actually stopped cardio for the past couple weeks because my knees have been HURTING.

  29. Nope, not at all. I used to hit the gym and do weights, but eventually stopped going. I hate cardio with a burning passion, I've always had issues with running, and it always made me feel miserable 🥹 but might give lifting a try again, or maybe some other sport which is more enjoyable

  30. Nu pot sa raspund la intrebare fiindca nu am facut copil, dar cu siguranta as regreta enorm daca m-as baga in treaba asta.

  31. Nu, nu se mai găsește la noi. L-am găsit în Ungaria la ceva magazine, deși și acolo foarte rar

  32. Long live the Polish 🐸 and their Monster variety

  33. You should be able to find it very very easily in the "żabka" shops. Those shops are really common in Poland, and when a new monster flavour gets distributed to poland then they are always one of the first shop chains in here to sell it. I bought the Aussie lemonade just yesterday in one of those shops so you should be able to find it there. I hope I helped :)

  34. I know about Zabka, thank you! Last time I've been to Poland (in January) I added quite a lot of cans to my collection, most of which I got from there

  35. Can you tell me in which shop did you find it? Thanks :D

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