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  1. Me and the boys bringing out Road hog and Lucio combo.

  2. Being in Gold is a living hell these past games. People rush in, dos targets only tanks, and never retreating for my heals.

  3. I once had a enemy Reaper 1v1 me while playing Lucio 4 times and we had won that game. In my defense, the Reaper tried to pick me off when I was running to my team, but I manage to kill him 3/4 and still provide good amount of heal/boost to win.

  4. Ngl, I’m the “why do my teammates always suck” guy. No joke though, with OW2, I’ve had some of the most bizarre teammates while in P3 - I’ve legit had pharahs that play the entire game from the ground, reins that just hold their shield up, lucios that don’t know they can switch off speed boost, Moiras with 13k dmg and 1k healing, reapers who can’t kill shit point blank while being pocketed, you name it. Something is really wrong with matchmaking.

  5. I was ranking up from gold 1 in open queue and in the past 7 games it felt like arcade with most teammates running it down towards objective without team and farming dps from enemy tanks. Its really hard to convince them to coordinate, especially after someone leaves the game.

  6. I try my best as Lucio, but whenever i speed boost for them to fall back, they go all out to die.

  7. Of course it is a cash grab. How do you expect them to make any money with the loot box system anymore? Every game studio needs money to make their games, every game studio needs to pay their employees. Of course they are looking for ways to keep up in this industry. Looking at Fortnite, Apex, ect. That is the way these games make their money. They're following suit

  8. I agree on the every game studio needs money. This is a Blizzard Activision game that went free to play for the sole purpose of selling goods that could’ve been earned if it sold for $40 and updated the game a lot more. Honestly, Blizzard spent these years desperately wanting to earn money, even if their pockets are already full of it, especially for a company that merged together (or bought).

  9. Point is, everyone wants loot boxes back and the game to go back to $40. When is the last time you bought a loot box? I was obsessed with them, and yet I haven't spent money on a single loot box for a good 3 years now. It's just unrealistic at this point. Nobody is spending $40 on their game anymore, no one is buying loot boxes. And when I say no one, I mean not enough people to sustain the game if they want to keep going with Overwatch. They needed something new and different. You may not agree with it, but ultimately it is making them money again

  10. Yea, they wouldn’t have earn a dime if lootboxes can earned for free by leveling up, events, and role selection like in Overwatch 1. Thats what I did ever since I payed full price when it came out and had never bought a loot box as it was random chances.

  11. Twin Headed Thunder Dragon. How does two east asian dragons become a two-legged dinosaur? Still love it tho.

  12. I love playing dark world since the beginning of GX (and more so in the current video games) mostly for their mechanic of being discarded with a situational effect. Back in early yugioh when discarding a card was negative for you, I always had at least 2 or 3 dark world in my mix match decks since I was all about adapting during a duel. Also, I love their name scheme and sometimes their designs.

  13. I loved boss monster cards like this in which most of your Deck relies on it or is compatible with it for its Monster Type and effects. You get that fun and creative feeling when building the Deck and potentially see what kind of play style your Deck is capable of with/without being Meta.

  14. This is why I can’t rely on online only games being more than $30 (now updated as F2P) if this is the one of the problems they’ll face. They had ample time to prepare for stuff like this, especially since they decided to use Overwatch 1 as the game’s application probably to reduce cost or timing. Maybe Covid had stalled them a bit, but you can’t tell me this is something they never prepared for on the big release day.

  15. I like most of the Ice Barrier monsters simply because they had great artwork and backgrounds that looks so pretty in Ultra or Secret Rarity. Too bad their effects and strategies are outdated.

  16. I played snake eye rules against 4 AI and it took me 2 hrs 30mins, as well as buying every single piece of each property to trick the AI. But, it was bs because the moment I bought green and blue property houses and hotels, all the AI manage roll on go to jail. It was aggravating.

  17. The original timeline story was good for what is because it was our first look into Mortal Kombat. MK 2 was world building along with story. MK 3 and 4 was developing all the way to Armageddon. Eventually, us fans realize the amount of effort that was being put into until the fallen of Midway. Thankfully we still get MK unlike some games that don’t even pass a sequel.

  18. Let’s not forget about the Mortal Kombat Champion, Liu Kang being handled by the new generation of Special Forces. Oh, and becoming Kronika’s jobber 😞

  19. I think some decks would be happy to discard cards to GY. So, this can be Grateful for Ungraceful Charity. 😂

  20. They act like you owe them money, they're not even bandits!

  21. One thing I think most of us had overlooked about the 7,000 steps is that during the mission, Season Unending, everyone who gather to High Hrothgar were able to reach to the top and praised to see them reaching to High Hrothgar. Whether or not, they faced danger, its funny knowing that anyone capable of taking the pledge should owe to the dragonborn. Lol Even Klimmek must’ve single handily fought against the dang troll.

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