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  1. Has anyone checked out Cancun? It’s where sleazy politicians flee to when responsibility calls.

  2. So getting rid of the second amendment is that easy? Ok then.

  3. I’d think the Supreme Court would shoot down such an EO for this exact reason. They don’t want to set a precedent that can nullify the second amendment in a single day.

  4. I would be direct with the person and say exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going. Offer to walk around and ahead of them if they’d prefer.

  5. Closer to the festival there will be a lot of camping passes for sale. Always is.

  6. Yep. They always magically find tickets and camping spots somehow…

  7. I don't know man. Stuff is full as far out as Roanoke and that is 2 hours away.

  8. I’m not even going to look, but within 2 hours, you’ve got Farmville, Lynchburg, south hill and Petersburg. There’s bound to be a large quantity of available hotels.

  9. Only two games worth playing IMO. A weak start for essential, but a superb start for extra.

  10. Buying products and throwing them out to own the libs.

  11. Hate when sports games are on PS+. If you're not a fan of the sport, then it's a wasted game.

  12. Sport games are annual and they are on PS plus after a season is over… when the new version is releasing.

  13. Trek to Yomi, maybe. A second straight meh month otherwise.

  14. Do u gotta play BOTW for TOTK to make sense

  15. Yes you do in my opinion. You’ll appreciate TotK more having played BotW. It’s also a direct sequel.

  16. Tears of the kingdom. The PlayStation is collecting dust at the moment.

  17. How will it be great for traveling if you need to constantly be connected to the internet, have more than a good connection to reduce the input lag, and have your PS5 be turned on at all times?

  18. What do you do if you have a physical game that you wanna play but nobody's home to insert the disk in for you?

  19. Don’t buy physical games. I haven’t bought a physical game on three years now. There’s no point.

  20. Don’t you speak that slander against sackboy in this sub.

  21. It seems like May is a historically crappy month.

  22. Rockstar games are a given, at least the mainline ones. I know they had that crappy Vice city remake one month but those games launched riddled with bugs. If they are, they’ll be brief and not permanent mainstays.

  23. It’s likely to leak today. It always “leaks” and I’m pretty sure Sony is leaking it willingly at this point

  24. Today's the official announcement, the leaks usually come a lot earlier

  25. Today is Tuesday. Everyone is saying it’s usually the last Wednesday of the month.

  26. It’s a bit disingenuous to use net worth instead of savings or investments only. Yeah your net worth may be your property that you could sell to turn into cash, but then you wouldn’t have a home to live in or a car to drive. I promise you that figure drops significantly once you only factor in readily available cash assets.

  27. PS Plus extra is quite a steal at 25% off if you use it. I was on the fence about getting sucked into the new service, but once I started to experience the freedom of trying out games I wouldn't otherwise have played the value revealed itself.

  28. That’s really where ps plus is clutch. You end up playing games you probably wouldn’t have spent $10-$20+ individually to play, but since it’s “free”, that barrier to entry is gone.

  29. Does anyone know if PS plus sales have ever been better than 25% off? I’m not sure whether to jump on this or wait for a better one later.

  30. The PS1 costs $608 today after inflation. The current systems and games are cheaper once you factor in inflation.

  31. What about wages? I don't think most wages have properly kept up with inflation. Wouldn't that make it more expensive?

  32. They have not kept up with inflation. Since at least the 70s I believe. It’s the #1 reason why the middle class can’t get ahead. The boss isn’t “trickling down” to his workers.

  33. The best boss so far in the series. It was epic in scale.

  34. You save file is on your system and should be able to be read by any version of the game. You don’t know until you give it a try.

  35. To be completely honest, I've noticed young men sabotaging themselves a lot. Whether it's by not approaching women in appropriate ways, or by negging us, or by treated us like shit, or by not being straight forward with their intentions. They listen to these silly men on the internet that try to explain how 'women work', instead of asking us themselves. They begin to far over complicate things and end up sabotaging themselves without any interference from women. Men often say 'things were simpler back in the day' well yes, men were straight forward, they let a woman know when they intended to court them, and they didn't play around. Now a days a lot of young men either don't have the confidence to tell a woman what they are feeling, or they are so afraid of rejection they keep quiet and develope an unhealthy, miserable friendship. Lots of times, the gal has no clue what's going on. People, both men and women, are terrified of rejection today. But tbh, it's necessary. You -will- be rejected, and you will reject, but if you don't ask you will end up getting rejected 100% of the time. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Anyways, little food for thought.

  36. I was 18 when I met my wife and I was nervous as hell just trying to start talking to her. I sensed the interest but i had sensed it with other girls that didn’t pan out.

  37. Women have just at a more massive scale gotten to reap the benefits of total independence, and don’t have to put up with bullshit anymore. A relationship is a plus, not a bare minimum for survival.

  38. This at its core is why republicans are fighting so hard to “make America great again”. They want a time when racism was rampant and sexism meant women were housewives dependent on their husband’s income and expected to be sexually at his beck and call. If you let them be able to support themselves, then there’s a lot less vagina with legs walking around.

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