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  1. If the image is making you ask questions that's basically the definition of intriguing.

  2. The CGI seemed weird to me…like if you’re budget is that high why does everything look kinda fake under water.

  3. For obvious reasons, it all feels so much less alive. Sure, Under the Sea was fun and not devoid of movement, but compare it to the animated where you can animate whatever you want. It just feels so much more bouncy.

  4. Just kind of a snooze to be honest! These Disney LA remakes are so weird, they always make very distracting choices. They don't really feel like they're for kids, but they're also not exactly for adults either. I haven't seen the original since I was very little, I don't remember much outside the main story beats and big songs, but the continued obsession with not animating the animals and expecting them to show emotion is definitely still a problem.

  5. John Cena casually carrying an aircraft as a check in luggage on his shoulders was hilarious.

  6. My main criticism of 9 was that he was a lame duck villain, but I forgave it a little because I knew they were just setting him up to be part of the team. And once he doesn't have to be all villainy we all know Cena can be super fun.

  7. Nah, Mr. Nobody just used holograms. They're all playing the background characters. They haven't hired a new actor for a non speaking role since 2014.

  8. Is it a 5/10 on a more objective scale, or even a 5/10 as a Book Club movie or weighed against what it was trying to be? Your review seems more positive than a 5/10 would indicate.

  9. I think it's an objective 5. Nothing special but not actively bad. If you like Book Club this is probably just fine.

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