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  1. What, exactly, is weird to him about not being allowed to be a full-time caregiver to his child because he can’t change diapers? What does he honestly think is a reasonable alternative?

  2. Uh, I'd be very concerned if a child was being taken from their parent just because that specific person refuses to change a diaper. Should he get over it and parent his kid, yes. Is it abusive (assuming some other person is changing the kid instead)? No.

  3. It absolutely is abusive because this person is asking for shared custody. There is no one else to change the diaper. If you are unable ir unwilling to provide basic care for a child in your custody, you can’t have custody.

  4. My biggest thing was knowing when to quit on projects. We nearly killed ourselves getting the house ready and we spent so much money. Our realtor was fantastic but she definitely erred on the side of “if you can make it more great, why not?” And that makes sense to a point but we definitely crossed the threshold of diminishing returns 😂

  5. Why would anyone tell you to get lost? 3-5% down is fairly typical, especially for a FTHB.

  6. I was under the impression your chances of getting an offer accepted were reduced significantly if you didn't have 20%

  7. Nah, that’s an issue for the lender. Get pre-qualified with your bank or local credit union, getting pre-approved with multiple lenders looks great and is a smart idea anyway. Have a good earnest money amount (at least 1% of listed price). Include in your offer that you’ll only re-negotiate on issues that exceed X amount of value. Our cap was $2500 total amount of work quoted but higher is more favorable. Truthfully, they’ll only look at that if your offer is identical in every other way with multiple other offers. You’ve got to pick someone, why not go with the person wearing your favorite color?

  8. I would wait until you’re both hired full-time and settled on your tracks. If she’s taking on additional certifications that will change what kinds of jobs she can take you guys will want the flexibility of a move.

  9. Don’t. You want the contractor to work directly for you. This helps with communication and scheduling. We’ve done Home Depot hired work and have been unhappy with the work. The guys won’t address things as they go. For example, carpeting they will come in and throw it down immediately. They won’t sweep or vacuum. If there’s a lego on the floor they go right over it 🥲 wonderful when they show up in a 4-8hr window and you actually live in the space.

  10. Thanks. The rodent situation is inevitable based on the age and structure of the house. My entire neighborhood has the same issues. Mice will probably always find a way (even though we give them no opportunities to reach our food or trash). We put traps down to deal with it, but there is a lot of space between the baseboard and floor, so the quarter round would maybe mitigate some things.

  11. Quarter round won’t curb the mice in the slightest. Once they’re in the house there are many, many gaps and holes they can choose. Our mice climbed from underneath our floors to behind cabinets (upper and lower). They traveled through holes in joists/studs put in to pull wiring. We had to pull kickboards and foam insulate all the gaps and put rubber gaskets on all electrical boxes. Among other things.

  12. Oy. Thank you for the feedback. Seems like the consensus here is don’t waste time on quarter round, hire a better exterminator, and install Lifeproof myself if possible. Reddit is great for someone relatively clueless about old houses.

  13. Old houses are a joy but a total PITA 😂 my first and current house are 1950 builds and I’ve lived in 100+ old homes when I was a kid. The more comfortable you get with DIY the better. But definitely do your homework first.

  14. The only difference between a structural failure due to the 9/11 planes and this earthquake is that the earthquake was still exerting lateral loads on the building at the time of collapse, whereas the lateral load from the plane was long gone.

  15. Always wondered about that one, but didn’t want to arouse the truthers. What’s the general understanding of why wtc7 went down?

  16. Debris hits, uncontrolled fires, the force of those two big buildings collapsing nearby and compromising structures. But according to the official reports the fire weakened columns and did the most contributing damage.

  17. Negotiate the price for a 3 bed according to comps, make sure it’s appraised as a 3.

  18. I live in a high human trafficking area. Ohio right by 75 and 71. The statistics of my small children getting kidnapped is practically zero. The statistics of my kids getting trafficked is also practically zero. There will always be random chance. That’s why I stand at the bus stop with my kid. But the stories of Walmart/Target/Krogers stalking and kidnapping attempts are urban legends. I see them posted ALLLLL the time. They’re unsubstantiated. Years ago this local lady in Colerain made a fake human trafficking hotline Facebook page. Fake stats and filled with these stories (Russians were the main nationality of the kidnappers). They spread like wildfire here in SW OH. The state or Hamilton/Butler counties had to release a statement regarding these statistics and whether reports were made on these alleged kidnapping attempts. Her page was taken down but the stories persist.

  19. obviously they’re going to get in a shoot out with the person who has been stalking them in Target and leaving symbols on their car for sex traffickers /s

  20. I always point out that if you return fire in a shoot out, you are making you and any child in or strapped to your body Target #1. A surprise gunfire situation is always going to favor the shooter. You will always be better off to take cover or run. The shooter doesn’t care who they kill or even if they die; you will.

  21. There are people here that are SAHM and offer to watch kids for like 150$-200$ a week. But that is in their home and there are multiple kids. For one on one in-home I wouldn’t take anything below 500$ per week. And I’d say even that is probably too low.

  22. If my rate is $150/child for a week with a maximum of 5 that’s an earning potential of $750/week. But cost of supplies and licensure would make 1 kid at $500/week worth it as long as it’s at my house and I can run errands. With 10-11hr days I don’t want to be at someone else’s house. That’s still about $9/hr. Not enough to hire help to get kids off the bus and stuff. This lady is nuts.

  23. I’m not a fan of guns or gun culture but I think this is hilarious. I’d buy it for my brother who does gun safety instruction. He’s an electrician too so hopefully he’ll know if it needs modified :p

  24. This is definitely going into a sim build, this is chaos.

  25. Here’s the thing with “mother knows best”. Sometimes, it’s true, but not in the way so many of these crazy women think.

  26. Had this happen with my oldest. When he was a baby he got endless ear infections and eventually tubes. He would get clingy and act a specific way. I knew what he looked like with an ear infection. We went to a playground and he flipped around on a slide and fell out. He fussed a lot but then got up to chase a kid with a bag of doritos so I figured he was fine. Flash forward a few hours and he was acting off. Didn’t want to be held but was upset. Kicked up a storm about his car seat. My alarms were blaring when I went to pick him up under the arms and he tried to throw himself backwards, which was not like him at all.

  27. This was the energy a dad brought to the playground today. Out there with his kid on melting ice with skates and sticks. My kid was having a cow about not getting on the ice too. I had to show him the running water on the edges, the bubbles, etc and ask him to tell me exactly where he thinks this ice gets thick enough to hold weight. And then i told him to risk his life with that guess. Because that’s what that dad was doing. But I’m sure the dad would have told us it was fine because he knows more than others 🙄

  28. What?!? You turned down arts and crafts time?! Summon her back and make her bring ink so you can make Christmas cards!

  29. I want to know how close the house is to other lots 😂 if you thought your neighbor’s MUSIC was annoying - oh boy! 😂

  30. I just looked into this in NYC. Google luggage storage for the area you’re going to be sightseeing in. Luggage Hero, Bounce Luggage, etc are companies that store your luggage for awhile.

  31. Yeah, they just give you a ticket, like the one I have to go to court next week for...I forgot my card ONE time and got randomly pulled over. Cop was nice but my state is unforgiving 💀

  32. Oh wow! I rarely have my card. I pull it up on my phone or they tell me I have 24hrs to fax/email a copy of it to the officer.

  33. Softscrub has a fine white powder in it that coats textured surfaces like grout. It really gets in there. Use a soft bristle, wide, scrubbing brush and warm water to work it off.

  34. You compare rates. You can call utilities in each area and ask. You can also look up electric in apples to apples (Ohio) to see options.

  35. I had looked at short term rentals before, but they were insanely expensive. Thanks to your comment, I looked again and found some more affordable ones. I think we will try that!

  36. I would be more concerned that the 4” sphere would roll out between the bottom rail and the stair tread. A whole baby can fit under that gap.

  37. I looked it up and it is as the others said, 4” sphere gap for guards and 6” for bottom rail. My eyes must be having a hard time with all the lines because it looks bigger than that. But that’s why we have measuring tools :D

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