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  1. I find a closet to cry in, then come out, watch the news and climb back into the closet and cry some more.

  2. I’ve only experienced it once in my life. Best manager I’ve ever had just resigned out of nowhere. It shook me up for days.

  3. Do you mean a single trait that is present in every person that is born during a whole particular decade all across the world? There can not be such a trait.

  4. Your right. I had a whole thing written out and it wouldn’t let me post it. But the main point was I grew up in a household where my father grew up in the 1950’s, and like alot of people from that period, he was racist. I grew up hating that because I had to go to school two extra years because of a speech problem. My teacher was an Iranian immigrant who was incredible.

  5. And still, you say "alot of people from that period" not "alot of people from that period in my particular country or part of the country". The fact that your country had many racists does not mean that every single other country and region have similar culture and similar levels of racism. That is what annoys me. I am not boomer, but I know many people from this generation. Some are from Norway, Latvia, Russia, UK and Mongolia. Generalizing them like " they are boomers, and since some boomers in US were racists, they must be too" is dumb.

  6. I can see your point, and I apologize for not being clear in my meaning. The general area I am talking about is what is referred to as the southern states, and the time period of 1950 to 1970, there were a lot of racial indifference. But going by different country’s, different upbringing, my question could have a different meaning.

  7. That’s a great point. I blame Guga from YouTube/Facebook for my love of sous vide.

  8. Tarzan soundtrack. I’ve heard people say Phil Collins is a jerk in real life, but that soundtrack is still awesome.

  9. My ex forwarded an email from her attorney with her response attached. It read “I want you to fight this, I’m already living with a man just to have my bills paid.

  10. When you can wake up and not have to go back to sleep. When you can get out of bed and know that no matter what happens things are going to happen and there’s not much you can do about it. Not much you can do for those thing… but knowing that you can change how you look at it. When you are not searching for thing to fill that emptiness inside of you.

  11. I love it. I used to search for what I felt made me happy. I gave up one day, read a few books, and readjusted my way of thinking. I finally got it after a while.

  12. I’m currently dealing with Satan, so I assume I’m already there…

  13. If your living in Utah, everything!!! If you know, you know!

  14. I have a list of words that I use to immediately tell if someone is native to Utah. Mountain, Layton, creek, roof, root, etc. Days of the week, too. If it ends in -dee rather than -day, you have yourself a full-on old-timer native.

  15. I remember being in Elementary School, and the teacher gave us a spelling test with a bunch of those words and some others on it for April Fools day. Didn’t get it til later in life.

  16. I rebuilt a department at a company since the employees did whatever they wanted. Set-up rules and S.O.P’s and it was so much better.

  17. That I can’t post comments on anything because I’m a newbie ish account. It keeps telling me tocomment and then takes the comment away because I don’t have enough karma.

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