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  1. Why are there so many comments with vivienne? I only think of the mean girl from legally blonde.

  2. Definitely depends on the age and the parents. Most likely I would strongly encourage her to have a meeting where her parents are present where we discuss the options and continuing support for when school is out. If the student absolutely refuses then I wouldn't and instead put her in contact with other community supports (if school policy allowed this).

  3. Fair point. I am not around people who work service and retail much so I have no idea to be honest.

  4. I think that's probably the same in Chicago and many other jobs (teachers, firefighters, police etc.) make a lot more in Chicago.

  5. Exercise doesn't just happen. You would be amazed at how many 18yr old kids in apparent good physical shape have trouble doing just 10 push up when joining the military.

  6. Or running the mile in high school PE class for an exam after weeks of PE. So many students are late to their next class on the mile run day.

  7. No way. I live in the south and we have very different ideas of "average." I think it's fair to say the average American can probably walk a mile but definitely not run.

  8. The lactation consultant told us not to give a bottle or pacifier until 6 weeks. Following that advice was a huge regret because he never took a bottle or pacifier and every 2-3 hours for a year I had to find a place to nurse him and we had no solution but to pull out the boob when he was fussy in restaurants etc.

  9. Ivey cake did a wonderful job with my wedding cake. Their cakes are by far the most delicious. The only downside is they are understaffed (like most places) and have some odd hours. Worth checking out.

  10. Get the insurance and go for it! I did this for 2 years and learned a lot. In some circumstances you will take an Uber or Lyft but the cost is still so much lower than owning a car.

  11. Gonna go against the grain: I accepted two names because of the tradition in my husband's family to name after the grandparents. Think Albert and Lois esque. Not thrilled with it, but "Albert" is here and I adore him. It's his name. Plus the joy when his namesake holds him is real.

  12. You bring up a good point. Once your child is born, you will likely think of the name completely differently because it will hold new significance. Things grow on you and change, but I still do not think it’s fair for one partner to have full say in naming the kids.

  13. 10 sick days, 2 personal days. Everyone uses their sick days for personal days. Sick days rollover and personal days rollover to sick days. Personal days have to be approved beforehand and it’s hard to get them approved.

  14. They are personal days…. Why do you need approval?

  15. Only so many people can take a personal day at the same time, it can’t be before or after a long weekend, it can’t be on a day you are testing etc.

  16. Yea. We call my son milk monster. He earned that and there’s no way we could have come up with that before he was born.

  17. Jeez, we gotta wait that long? I might be dead and burning in hell by then!

  18. People need to stop saying “let me know” and just start suggesting what they can do to help and when if they actually want to help. The only person I feel comfortable calling and asking for help is my mom. I don’t have the relationship with any of my friends where I can call them and ask for them to bring me dinner because I’m so tired.

  19. Pregnancy brings changes but besides the obvious ones you mentioned you don’t have to change things. My appetite and energy levels have completely changed and I’ve had to adjust. Pregnancy last forever so I think it’s best to try and maintain what makes you happy while making adjustments throughout.

  20. I've lived here my whole life. Recently got into biking in my 40s and now I want to move. I've been cut off, sped around, yelled at, and flicked off all in a matter of months.

  21. Agreed. There are also too many bumps in the road that are dangerous to hit while going fast on a road bike. I stick to the greenways.

  22. So glad your LO is ok now. Curious. And if you’d be willing to share. Was it after the RSV shot by any chance? Both manufacturers lost Kawasaki disease as a side effect on their label inserts. And it was actually a concern of mine

  23. What age?? My son just turned 2 and every night we’re like “is this THE night?” Lol

  24. Yea, Califonia would ticket you in a second. This is way more of a Tennessee thing.

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