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  1. They need an actual wrestler in the ring to be the leader.

  2. They don't. So long as they extensively rehearse and have back up spots, the referee will help direct the match. You could even have a guest referee wrestler so you technically have a worker in the ring.

  3. RAM wasn't nearly different enough to keep people tuned in to Haitch's take on SD. 750,000 "new" viewers were unimpressed by RAM this week.

  4. The conspiracy nut in me tells me Haitch privately called up each of his guys that got released and recommended they hold off on signing any long term deals with other companies for this exact scenario.

  5. This seems like a decent plan ngl. Would have a couple claymores, then Drew takes Kross out (maybe even with the sword) and then pins Roman

  6. That increase is definitely not fully baked in and will pop the stock back into the 100+ range.

  7. This fucking sucks for more reasons than just wrestling. HBOmax had probably the second best UI in streaming and maybe the best library.

  8. Vince doesn't want wrestlers in wheelchairs or walkers on stage. Same reason he only inducted Vader the year after he died.

  9. Kofi's the only one to ever win a world title without MITB, so him.

  10. If I remember right, he got injured his last match and had to push back filming and shit for it that so it's unlikely... Not because he dislikes wrestling, but contractually with whoever he's filming with.

  11. A lot has changed in 10 years. Rocky is taking less roles and spending more time in production and other ventures. And in the roles he does take, he basically runs the ship as the biggest star in Hollywood. 10 years ago, executives would be pissed if he went off to wrestle again. Now? They're just happy they get to work with the biggest draw in human history, even if it means risking an injury speed bump.

  12. Unironically too much wrestling. By biggest issue with H is he has zero appreciation for FUN. Fun segments are the best part of wrestling

  13. How the hell are they gonna get this guy out of COTC alive after he fucks on Drew?

  14. If this somehow ends up being a new weekly wrestling show, I hope people actually support it.

  15. If Vince still had the book, Tez would've turned right after the match and Dawkins would fade away until being released in 6 months. H has the sense to draw out the turn, make it a PPV-level feud, and hopefully create two single stars rather than just one.

  16. If tonight's show is good, I may need to break my 8 year fast of not watching RAM weekly. If it's still shit, I guess I'll wait another 20 years for Haitch to gracefully retire on his accord.

  17. I thought he was in his 60s. You're telling me he was only in his 30s during TNA?

  18. It's a lot easier to train stars to be wrestlers than it is to train wrestlers to be stars. This is unironically the future of WWE: converting stars who are marks like Ronda and Logan.

  19. Game lists instead of proper folders in the main menu is so embarassing. Another generation of waiting several years for fucking folders.

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