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  1. Woah. Do you see any potential problems with presupposing the content of an article without actually reading it? Particularly if you simply presuppose whatever your particular beliefs are? Or nah?

  2. Heya, I think you're reading more into my comment than is there.

  3. The problem isn't their religion. It's their vaccination status, which sickeningly certain religious leaders negatively influence.

  4. Great. I'd just like some data in regards to Covid deaths by religion. All of this talk is beside the point.

  5. As far as I know, that study has not been run in the US since the vaccines were available.

  6. Great, when that study comes out, I'd love to read it.

  7. Hundreds of thousands paid their respects in that church and hardly anyone was wearing a mask. Super spreader event for sure

  8. You are suggesting something with absolutely no evidence. Can you provide any evidence to support your claim? Or even any evidence of the rate of outdoor transmission?

  9. Lol. No one is saying the public should have not paid their respects to the Queen. The government should have put some rules in place, such as masking, for this mass event.

  10. I'm not outraged. There are just a million indoor events these days. The idea that a person gets offended (or clutches their pearls) at a funeral, rather than say, millions of people congregating indoors for school daily for 8 hours, is odd.

  11. Who/what determines what a “lie” is? Recourse?

  12. The fact-checker with a BA in journalism from the junior college down the road. Who do think you are, citizen? Are you questioning Science? Your social credit score has been reduced.

  13. That whole site is drivel. The very fact that there’s no information whatsoever on who is behind the site is a huge red flag. C’mon buddy, use a bit of critical thinking. Can you trust a source when the people behind it are hiding and don’t want their names associated with it?

  14. I'm honestly unsure of what you're saying. I don't know who runs reddit. I don't know who mods this subreddit. How does knowing who runs a website change your opinion on a list of published articles? It's clear I'm not going to change your mind. I was like you. I was so happy to get these things. I sincerely hope that as you continue to get boosted yearly that you are ok. I'm not being sarcastic. If anything happens, no one will listen or care. You can make a website, but people will discredit it because they don't like thinking about hurt people.

  15. I find it extremely worrying that you don't see the problem in getting "facts" from an anonymous website. Do you really not see the issue with that? If you don't, I have a nice bridge to sell, almost like new, a steal really...

  16. The website is run by injured people. The page I sent you is literally just a list of academic articles. You have not explained which of the scientific articles (written by scientists/doctors) is drivel.

  17. If anything redditors should take a media literacy course lmao. Most can’t tell sarcasm without an /s at the end.

  18. What from the tweet alone would imply he is joking? Also, what is even funny about it? Like he played like a human? That's the joke?

  19. Sorry, I have spoken to Anish. Next time he’ll add an /s at the end.

  20. It's just too funny. Anish is too much of a trickster. What a trouble maker.

  21. There was a period where any amount of negativity toward the vaccines (even if true) was removed regardless. Everything these days is so politicized it's insane.

  22. There was a period? We are still very much in that period, friend. One day we might be able to talk freely.

  23. Why is he allowed to say he thinks Hans cheated in Sinquefield but can't say he thinks he cheated elsewhere?

  24. Is there just a book or some resource that gives me a program and tells me the exact workouts I need to do? I don't really want any choice or variability. I just want a book that has a program to work all the major body groups.

  25. If Stef had Rogers backhand, slice included, no doubt he’d have a major by now

  26. Is there something wrong mechanically with Stef's backhand?

  27. I think this whole sub is a bunch of kneelers for watching the new show. The north remembers.

  28. I'm a Rafa and Roger fan. I've never rooted for Novak. That being said, it is criminal what has happened to him. They've messed with the history books. The way he has handled this all had been amazing. I hope he comes back on a mission and ends up with 30 slams.

  29. Thank you. How did you have access to so many high definition matches?

  30. Nolan probably would've got Leonardo DiCaprio to play Riddler

  31. Leo apparently has a policy about never doing superhero movies.

  32. I got an email with the link. It didn't download directly from the site.

  33. Seriously, though, listen to that song. It's incredible. I had it on repeat for the longest time.

  34. Scary how little Federer has aged....

  35. On the surface. Did you see when he had to move forward to get that drop shot? Those explosive strides are just not there.

  36. Man this really feels like a cheesy sports movie where the old guys have to duke it out for just one more match. I love Andy but he looks like he is in pain any time he exerts himself.

  37. Is the Laver Cup worth tour points or is this an exhibition?

  38. It sounds dumb, but I think simply hitting a normal shot very weakly is often a great idea. I hardly see it, but whenever it happens, it catches the defensive player off guard. It's like a knuckle ball.

  39. Some very triggered online guys here taking the lyrics too seriously

  40. I'm a very online guy and I think it's great. Gotta have a sense of humor. Alvvays is nevver wrong.

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