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  1. Ancnoc 24, Glengoyne 18, Craigellachie 17, Glendronach 18, Glenallachie 10 CS

  2. Whats the Craigellachie 17 like compared to the 13? I disliked the 13 at the start but it really grew on me. Have had the regular 13 and a Gordon & McPhail one and especially liked the G&M.

  3. IMO: First, I do really enjoy a little "funk" so I think that was one of the things that caused me to really become a big fan of the Craigellachie line. My notes on the 13 and 17; for the 13 year, nice maltiness up front, slightly stewed pears/apples (more sweet notes than the 17), light toffee notes, touch savory on the nose. Taste, oily, hint of espresso/choc note again more sweet fruit notes on the finish. For the 17 year, I get more sherry influence with darker fruits (richer notes), same great malt notes, coffee/bitter choc notes, more savory (meaty/dirty/leather) notes on the palate, a bit of funk on the finish, great mouth feel. Both great in my opinion but the 17 just had an added level of richness, savory notes and complexity. For the money, I think the 13 year old is a great value! Unfortunately the 17 year is priced significantly higher than the 13 year! Thanks for the heads up on the G&M. Will have to keep a look out for a Craigellachie bottling.

  4. Choices to choose from; Glengoyne 18/21, Glendronach 18/21, Ancnoc 24, Royal Brackla 21 (46% Sherry cask). All favorites of mine.

  5. Frey Ranch 4 Grain 90 proof. Easy sipper! Beyond Bourbon; for Irish, Green Spot (fruity, sweet, very smooth), for Scotch, Deanston 12 year, again, bright fruits, soft toffee, nice mouth feel.

  6. If you decide to go with two 30 year olds; my bucket list wishes, Glengoyne 30 year and Balvanie 30 year.

  7. I was gifted the 23 year Craigellachie which I have not opened yet. Decided to try the 13 year and it was amazing. Great pick!

  8. Arran 10 year, Ancnoc 12 year, Deanston 12 year. Something with more Sherry influence, Glenallachie 12 year, Bunnahabhain 12 year.

  9. A few recommendations; Glendronach 18 year, Craigellachie 17 year (the Craigellachie13 year is a great value at $50), Royal Brackla 12 year Sherry cask, Springbank 15 year.

  10. Glenallachie 10 year CS. Recommend any of the following batches; 5, 6 or newly released 7.

  11. If she like the Craigellachie 13, I would also suggest the AnCnoc 12 year, Arran 10 year and Deanston 12 year.

  12. Thanks—these weren’t on my radar. I appreciate the help.

  13. I'm a big fan of the Craigellachie 13 as well! I like the other 3 as they all have very nice, floral, bright fruits and soft honey/toffee notes. Enjoy!

  14. Of the above that I have tried, I would go Arran 10 first, Deanston 12 second and then Hazelburn 10 year. (The Hazelburn is considerably higher priced than the other two in my area). Two other favorites of mine that I would recommend are the Craigellachie 13 and the Ancnoc 12.

  15. I have an unopened bottle of the Arran and this thread has me thinking that it is a good choice to try on the upcoming w’end.

  16. Had a friend ask me the same question. His experience with single malts is very limited and he didn't want to spend a lot of money starting off. Here's the list I gave him to research and check with his stores in Hawaii; Arran 10, AnCnoc 12, Bunnahabhain 12, Deanston 12 and Craigellache 13.

  17. Very nice collection! Looking for 1 more 18 year, highly recommend Talisker 18!

  18. Yes! I was looking for a talisker 18 in vegas at the total wines, but I was out of luck, managed to find a springbank 10 though. So I didn't feel so bad

  19. Thanks for the response back. I just bought one, reviews seem to be very positive.

  20. Ancnoc 12; at 43%, a very good easy to enjoy whisky (floral, bright citrus, light honey and toffee notes).

  21. I have had the opportunity to try several 12 year CS's back to 2015. The 2021 Special Release ranks in the top 2-3 for me. IMO, excellent! (other top 12's; 2017, 2015). Cheers!

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