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  1. This would fail at the box office but develop an immediate cult following.

  2. I’m 99% sure that game was in the lobby of a movie theatre in my town.

  3. Nah Meg really did make a deal with hades to save a man that rejected her afterwards

  4. Ah yes, the bi-cycle. “Boys only…no, boys and girls…no girls only…no, boys and girls…no, boys only…” forever.

  5. Asexuals: frantically pressing the button to see if there’s a limit

  6. I refuse to believe this person is younger than 40. Or else he takes awful care of himself.

  7. Not a whole game, but Dragon Age 2 was tricky because I was trying to romance Fenris. Twice I had to go several hours back because I hadn’t activated the right scenes, or got them the way I wanted.

  8. Not really. My doctor said consider it permanent.

  9. They are. My dad had one, then years later had it reversed, now here I am.

  10. They know Bud Light is a product and not its own company, right? …..Right?

  11. This is a COD fanboy whose kid played Minecraft “vintage” last week.

  12. This sounds like a Dragon Age fan forgot the Grey Warden oath and just bullshit their way through a T-shirt.

  13. This isn't that cursed Sims 2 mod that was used in those late 2007-2010 videos... Right?

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