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  1. So I had a friend who absolutely hated TØP so what I did is I sent him a songs that weren’t the most popular or songs that aren’t well known outside of the fan base. But I would send him a new one every day and eventually he started liking them and now they’re his favorite band

  2. Self titled: Taxi Cab RAB: Kitchen Sink Vessel: HOTY Blurryface: Goner or HDS Trench: Morpj SAI: Shy Away

  3. Don’t know if this counts but “So dude, there’s these 2 black guys that walk into a bar,”

  4. The part of Holding On To You where right after he screams “ENTERTAIN MY FAAAAAAAAIIITH” and then it goes to the rap

  5. Self Titled-Air Catcher, RAB- Be Concerned, Vessel- Migraine, Blurryface- Not Today, Trench- Legend, SAI- Never Take It

  6. In my opinion Self titled: worst-before you start your day Best-Taxi Cab or Air Catcher RAB: Worst-Clear Best- Kitchen Sink Vessel: Worst-Truce Best-HOTY Blurryface: Worst-Doubt Best-HDS Trench: Worst-Leave the City Best-Chlorine or Morph Scaled and Icy: Worst-No Chances Best-Shy Away

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