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  1. Do it but if the oat milk is going to be over 4oz then I’d guess it gets a milk charge

  2. There wouldn't be an extra charge. Policy is to fill to the top on light ice shaken espressos.

  3. I wear Hokas that are for food service. pretty ugly. kind of an investment. but they're so practical. I never slip, and once I broke them in, my feet never hurt.

  4. I did a close with only one barista tonight. We made only a little over 4k for the day so it was fine.

  5. No. When I was 17, I wanted to be a ssv too.I just became the stores barista trainer and got promoted to ssv when I turned 18. Waiting gave me more time to get more experience with leadership.

  6. If the partner is newer at the bar, I will recommend they only use one machine to keep them organized. If the partner is experienced on bar, I leave that to their discretion. Personally, I use one for hot drinks and the other for iced. So I'm making at least 2 drinks at once, but it's very systematic.

  7. Whips should be emptied into the garbage because they'll mess up your pipes.

  8. Yeah I know. The people who do our plumbing said it can go in the boh sink. So we put it in the trash or boh sink.

  9. As a closer that supports the next shift pretty well.... I'm just gonna say...

  10. My store is a cafe so yes. But they also get their own food and make brewed coffee and teas!

  11. So do I just say I want an iced coffee with white mocha or (I’m not too familiar with Starbucks stuff I order the same two things all the time so I wouldn’t know sorry)

  12. oh no you're good. You could order an iced coffee w/out classic, sub white mocha. And then add cream or whatever kind of milk you prefer.

  13. then why did they suggest it? to add creme base flavor or smth?

  14. To sweeten it up more. Probably to replace the added sweetner that the Frappuccino base adds.

  15. I suggested a mocha with half the amount of mocha and add vanilla. they liked it 🤷‍♀️

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