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Russia's Massive Convoy Headed to Kyiv Is Under Siege by Air Strikes

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  1. THIS. I’m gay and black and being black is significantly harder. I’d rather be called a dyke or be told I’m going to burn in hell than be called the n word or turned away because of my skin color. That’s especially traumatizing for KIDS of color.

  2. Yeah, just want to echo you here.

  3. Honestly, it’s possible that it died of natural causes and got pecked at by other tank mates after death. I’ve seen fish nibble on old molts in my tank.

  4. I head that it was made by mostly English speaking people. I've also have read folx and humxn. It doesn't really make sense to me either. Spanish speaking individuals did come up with latine as a response to latinx, since latinx wasn't made with the language in mind and stuff.

  5. Is folks not already gender neutral? That’s a new one for me.

  6. This will definitely break the game somehow.

  7. You are assigning country to the value of the variable called usa. If you want it to print, you must either create and define usa, or wrap usa in quotes to make it a string.

  8. I’m right there with ya, never heard of it

  9. When you buy root feeding plants, you’re not paying for the leaves bu the roots.

  10. We’re back to that one. I thought the latest was US bio-weapons.

  11. It was, after the denazification claim failed… after the genocide claim failed… after the—

  12. Isn't Chile pretty much the most stable/wealthy country in South America? If you said Venezuela that would make more sense. I don't understand why a surgeon would want to flee Chile though.

  13. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I lived in Santiago de Chile for about a year and didn’t really notice a difference in my quality of life from living in the US.

  14. Did you have a good salary? I understand chile is pretty good to live in as long as you are comfortable economically.

  15. My salary was quite a bit lower than it would have been for the same job in the US, but prices were also a bit lower. Like, I wouldn’t have ever been able to afford a car there, but the metro was really good and I didn’t really need one. It all kinda balanced out imo.

  16. These look like fiber supplement pills. You can get them at any pharmacy for an outrageously low price lol

  17. Any Ukrainians who want to immigrate should be allowed to, including from Luhansk, Crimea, and Donbass. Then Russia won’t have to worry about those “breakaway” regions. Problem solved!

  18. They will announce a ban sometime next week. This conversation will bounce around through the beltway and the Sunday political shows all weekend. Biden's idea of adding a sanction every day or every other day keeps things in the news cycle and slowly turns the screws. You don't want to put in everything at once on day one. Someone in another thread mentioned that oil buyers are already steering clear of Russian barrels because they don't want to be stuck with them if a ban does come down.

  19. That’s a logical assessment, keeps this fresh in people’s minds and support higher.

  20. That seems to be true, but shocking nonetheless. If I were asked a month ago, I would probably have said that the Russian military is roughly on par with the US military.

  21. The Russian military budget is also ten times that of Ukraine.

  22. I get it, and winter is almost over, so maybe it is feasible. We in the US need to step up and make sure this doesn’t cause the EU to struggle. It’s not fair they absorb the brunt of pain caused by these potential sanctions. If we stand together, I think we can make these sanctions work 🇺🇦

  23. What if they just… never open their stock market for trading again? Is that even possible?

  24. Serious question, is it an act of war for NATO countries to supply Ukraine with data?

  25. Nah, not a decent job, a great one! This is a lovely tank OP!

  26. If we confront them directly, it will be the end of everything. So that’s not really on the table.

  27. So Putin not only got his country heavily sanctioned but has succeeded in getting the EU and NATO to embrace Ukraine while pushing other non-NATO countries like Finland to look to join and becoming a global pariah - in the meantime exposing that his military is too weak to take on a medium-sized economically struggling neighbor let alone challenge the whole of Europe and the US. He really is a genius.

  28. Also Japan! Japan is now talking about possibly hosting US nukes. I’m sure China is just chuffed to bits over this war too.

  29. Which is one of the reasons why the Russians are starting to bring in provisional troops and reaching out to CTSO nations; less of a familial connection which may lead to more widespread atrocities but this is speculation. Kazakhstan isn't sending troops, which is interesting because Russia just sent troops there not a month ago.

  30. THAT was truly shocking. Obviously not an expert on the situation, but for them to deny Russia after being so recently done a favor by them says a lot about just how unpopular this invasion is imo.

  31. Yeah, I don’t mean to speak for the entire gay community, but I have no problem with stuff mocking Putin’s sexuality. Xi jinping is mocked with Pooh comparisons. Putin’s sexuality is mocked because of his egregious homophobia and misogyny.

  32. based on the leaked soundtrack titles (just a set of titles, not the actual soundtrack)

  33. You can try feeding him a little bit of chocolate right before. Probably consult with the vet first, but it actually takes a lot of time for chocolate poisoning to happen. He might really like it!

  34. Thank you. He's a 65# German Shepherd, he's had chocolate. An m&m here and there won't hurt a big dog. Dark chocolate (any high content cocoa) is where you have to be careful.

  35. Aww, that’s precious. I’ve been through the process twice and it’s possible that your buddy will twitch a bit with the anesthesia. My vet described it like how when you’re falling asleep and a limb suddenly jerks.

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