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AITA for demanding my girlfriend tells me her author’s pen name?

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  1. Putting aluminum foil on your teeth to make it look like you had grills

  2. Look at you fancy with your foil, if my classmates wanted DIY grillz, we used the gum wrappers lol

  3. My fifth graders were working on a test, class was dead silent. Out of nowhere, a student started singing, "Oh, oh, oh, O'Reilly...." Without missing a beat, the rest of the class in unison sings, "auto parts." 😂 It was awesome.

  4. During summer camp one year, I set my call and response to be from Hamilton

  5. Not my actual student but one of the kids i helped tutor. When the schools went virtual, some of the community centers were turned into learning sites. We would provide wifi, supervision, lunch, and enrichment for the kids. During one of the kid's breaks, we were doing arts and crafts. We are making butterflies and flowers for Spring. He's diligently coloring a butterfly and I was making bluebonnets. I cut some some strips of green paper not perfectly straight. The kid asks "Ms. LollyK53, why is one side fat and the other side skinny?" I reply that I didn't cut it straight. He deadass looks me in my eyes, takes a deep breath, gives me a disappointed dad sigh and proceeds to say " tried"

  6. I feel that. If I had to go to 1999, I feel that 7 year old me would die because I don't have easy internet access. My family had a family desktop with dial up that was the worst. And I wasn't allowed on the internet since we only had so my dad could finish his degree

  7. I remember not even being allowed on the internet at home in this time. We had CD roms with educational games to play. But if 7 year old me had 30 year old me memory, I would be SOL. I would try to check all my usual entertainment and be disappointed that they don't exist yet.

  8. That's where my family used to rent movies back in the day!

  9. This is an interesting situation. I will have to say ESH. You shouldn't have tried to eat them (and been a bit more polite), they shouldn't have been trespassing, and your dad could have tried harder to clear your name. I guess next time don't eat tbe guests without the wifey's permission

  10. I had a professor who worked on it!

  11. My boyfriend's cat loves pom-poms, reusable shopping bags, and boxes.

  12. Hit up the Alamo, but also check out Mission San Jose and the other Spanish Missions on the Southside, way more impressive (and open and less crowded) than the Alamo.

  13. And if nature is your thing, the Missions are all connected by walking and nature trails. It will be in the mid to high 70s with lows in the 50s next week. You can bring a reusable water bottle and fill up at each site, even if you don't walk the trails. Welcome to San Antonio and have a fun and safe trip

  14. Yes, thank you for adding that. All the main trails are all paved are considered level 1s and possibly level 2.

  15. New girl answers and comes to us with questions regarding membership. Not unusual...but the person on the line was asking about if her emotional support chicken had to pay as well. Also the chicken wears a diaper and can do art. New girl never got that it was a prank call and actually seriously thinks that there is someone out there wanting to register their chicken as a member.

  16. I’m a middle school teacher and yesterday a student threatened to rape and beat me.

  17. My mom got threatened by 2nd graders. There was a little group of little shits. One day while she was covering ARDs, that group kept saying things like they were going to get their dad's guns and shoot her. One kid even offered a $5 bounty for someone else to shoot her. Edit spelling

  18. The City is hiring still for their Summer Program. It's basically summer camp. I know quite a few teachers who work it.

  19. From a restaurant? Taqueria Jalisco's on Marbach, across from O'Reilly's next Jay HS

  20. Seaworld isn't too bad. There are rollercoasters if you like those. The animal shows are pretty cool. They just finished their Mardi Gras event, so it will be the usual shows. Even though it's ok going to be in the mid 70s or so, be sure to be hydrated, even before going. Wear comfortable shoes, you will do a lot of walking. Even though it's not too big, the attractions are pretty spread out. If you don't want to pay for meals, there are decent options 5 minutes from there. If there is anything specific you would like to know, I'm happy to help. I don't work there, but I visit often enough. Have fun and welcome

  21. is there any way to get a parking pass the day of the event? does via have a park and ride to the rodeo?

  22. I was at the rodeo yesterday. There is non-reserved parking. You will have a small walk. There is parking on the side where the carnival is. Also I parked across the street next to Coke, but they were cash only.

  23. Walk in dressed in my best 2000s hip hop attire and yell "what's up fuckers" as a greeting

  24. I used to write fanfics and when I first started reading them, I was an ok-ish known reviewer in my Fandom. I even wrote a paper and did a project on the sub-culture of fanfiction and I can tell you that I did not put my pen name anywhere on that paper. I even used initials for it, if I mentioned it. OP is definitely the AH

  25. There world be a lot of people missing from my work

  26. "Yes they make noise and don't behave perfectly, but that's what makes weddings fun".

  27. Every wedding, Quince, Sweet 16, Etc that has children that I have been to has has a rousing game of tag I the middle of the dance floor, around/under the tables. I can't even blame just the small ones, I've personally seen kids like 10-12 leading the game. They gotten underfoot, cause me (as well as others) to trip on them from running amuk.

  28. ACS currently has a "sale" right now until the 5th. $20 adoption including immunizations... however if you dress in western wear you get the free waived.

  29. If you're able to, Six Flags Fiesta Texas or Sea World are great to play at

  30. I deal with geriatric middle schoolers

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