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  1. Replace exams with existing and same

  2. Don't worry, I'm sure with how auto engineers work, they will be back in style soon.

  3. STIs had this up until the end of the generation, about 2021

  4. This post made me feel things that I don’t know how to feel about

  5. Did you swap the 3.0 in? How much clearance do you even have at the front of the block?

  6. Subaru Forester Wilderness before the Forester even came out

  7. The only lightbulb in a Nazi’s head

  8. Bruh how does that shit not just blow over like a giant domino

  9. Get a good douche and use straight, lukewarm water to rinse yourself out, no cleaning agents or anything to inflame your anus. Also look into one of these, they’re great for pre-lubing yourself and I don’t do anything anal without using one beforehand

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