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  1. Nach jedem Umzug die Kontaktdaten aktualisieren, ansonsten muss man nichts auffrischen.

  2. Mine isn’t receding at all but I can say with full certainty that I will never be happy with my appearance if I lose it at any point in time

  3. Appearance isn't everything. When you get older, it matters less how you look, because everyone else will also look worse.

  4. I don’t want to spend my life wanting to throw up and die whenever I look in a mirror

  5. I think you would probably benefit from some therapy.

  6. For some reason I was thinking about this last night. I hope/imagine the prerequisites and evaluation are pretty stringent. It’s definitely a job someone has to do but you certainly hope not just anyone pursuing medicine can one day decide on this path with no further vetting.

  7. Yes! Cause you know, every gynecologist is constantly just thinking about sex with their clients, because the human body is just inherently sexual. And that's super weird when they're children.

  8. We got the Puritans that you threw out. Thanks for nothing.

  9. Let me rephrase: is it the way people move their tongue or is it the way they move their lips.

  10. It's the entire speech. Tongue, lips, jaw, vocal chords...

  11. I'm not friends with bad people. I would lie in an instant. I would bet on them every single time having a good reason. Surprise party, or ring shopping, or gift getting. If I thought for a second it was nefarious they would just have proven to me they can't be trusted and I don't keep friends like that.

  12. Exactly! Or I might ask my friend afterwards, and if he doesn't have a good reason, I can still tell her.

  13. Just as much trouble as if they gave consent first and afterwards said "But I didn't want to, even though I said so".

  14. It's not possible to send emotions over the internet, so what do you want us to do?

  15. We don't even know how it will pan out in the next 10 months. AI is developing so rapidly that it's really hard to predict where it will go.

  16. Reused for what? You're constantly swallowing it anyways, cooking it would just waste some of it in an emergency.

  17. I hate if the music is so loud that you can't have a conversation.

  18. I agree, would you prefer certain nights having low music and some nights having loud music?

  19. If it's just a bar and has no dance floor, I don't understand the point of loud music at all. So I'd rather have low music all of the time.

  20. I wanted it to be the first step in my journey of being a better person.

  21. Then why can't that be your motivation for the second time too?

  22. But it might be less likely if you learn from your mistakes and try to help in a different way.

  23. Because everything becomes a partisan issue in the US, eventually. Every issue gets polarized and instrumentalized with nonsensical, emotional arguments using the fear and ignorance of the voters as a tool.

  24. If you don't trust him to respect a "no", then you shouldn't be around him.

  25. Thats some victim blamey shit. So it’s her fault she was near him?

  26. To be honest, I didn't read the "let" in the OP as past, I thought it was an ongoing thing. As in "... I often let ...". So I wanted to tell her to stop hanging out with him in the future.

  27. Maybe they're just curious and want to make contact. So they don't want to blend in, there's no problem in using the UFO.

  28. You sound a bit sad and regretful. Maybe therapy would help.

  29. Everyone with over $5m would just move somewhere else.

  30. Can I just say "No"? That's a line in many movies.

  31. I don't know, but I have a tip on asking questions: Focus on the important part. Don't make us do the work of wading through your text and filtering it for useful information. Also, try to put your questions in the title so people who can answer it immediately see it, and everyone else can just scroll past.

  32. Being agnostic simply means that you don't know. So if you don't know because you aren't supposed to, that would be a special case of agnosticism.

  33. Well I do believe in an afterlife and the paranormal because of personal and group experiences I have had. There are people who actively go out and seek these things. I’m partial to the idea that these sightings were mistakes and the living aren’t meant to mix with them. Kind of a “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should” situation.

  34. The "Agnostic" term is normally used only to say that you don't know if god exists.

  35. Putting an item into a hole is not really a lot to go on, so I can't really explain it well with that example. But a game is a really complicated piece of software that many people worked on.

  36. Okay you’re going to help me here! Thanks for the reply. To dig deeper!

  37. The number of lines obviously depends on the game, but for example for The Witcher 3, the developers estimated around 1.2 million lines of code. The lines of code per developer also vary a lot, but you can calculate with about 10 per day.

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