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  1. Yes, even on the times when I arrived in an ambulance wearing nothing but a paper gown and socks. This was all from the ages of 12-16 btw.

  2. But whaf if I need them in the future? Its the same as how most people hoard the boxes their phones come in lol

  3. 99 out of 100 can be the most competent, but that 1 in 100 gives a bad name to them all. The rush of adrenaline is something many have a hard time dealing with.

  4. I understand. But I think you are seriously underestimating the amount of times police are incompetent and even violent. Its not 1 every now and then that gives them a bad name. Its the thousands that participate in a corrupt and oppresive institution and abuse their power to be violent that gives them a bad name. Even adrenaline cant explain lots of the heinous things they do.

  5. Most states have organizations that provide free fentanyl test strips and narcan. Keep that shit on you

  6. Maybe getting in trouble with the law and getting smacked around will help...

  7. Nope. That will only make it worse. Ive seen it hundreds of times and experienced it myself. Law enforcement is unequipped to deal with mental illness and locking a mentally unwell child up and punishing them to scare them into compliance will not help whatsoever. It will make things so much worse. That ignorant mindset is why so many people go untreated and end up going in and out of jail for the rest of their lives.

  8. Ive been in and out of mental hospitals starting in elementary school and had gone through the legal system because of stuff I did during episodes. All of my friends came from similar situations. They got arrested and were refused treatment and fell into a life of crime and even worse mental issues. They are all either still severely mentally ill and untreated, addicts, in prison, homeless, or dead. Usually by suicide. Breaking out of that cycle is incredibly hard. Ive seen it first hand more times than you could imagine. Im not exaggerating when I say hundreds.

  9. Oh, don't worry, I agree 100% with what you are saying but I was surprised that a cop would actually have morals, that is why I made my comment.

  10. Ah, my bad. I misinterpreted it because of all of the cop praise in the comments

  11. Seriously. Its so fucking annoying. Ive seen people praise police, people praising AOC despite the fact that she voted against the railroad strike, people praising Obama for Obamacare, etc in the last week. You cant be anti-nazi if you endorse people who enable nazis and support oppresive systems. Neo-libs are no better than average republicans.

  12. You would have to be an idiot to still believe in law and criminal justice. When will yall see that they are not here to help us?

  13. This will solve nothing. Yall need to focus on the bigger picture. Trump is only a small part of the problem. Stop putting your faith in the law when those who make them are corrupt and evil.

  14. Is this a joke? If they cared, we would have free healthcare. Stop putting democrats on a pedestal for doing nothing.

  15. I just had a random thought. Is there an incense that smells like weed And it actually gets you high?

  16. There is incense that smells like weed but I dont think there are any that get you high

  17. It matters because now he’s dead. The cop may be bad but that doesn’t matter to the dead guy.

  18. We shouldnt be questioning why he had a gun. His brother was shot, the killer wasnt apprehended, and he was confused/probably in shock. Its totally understandable why he had a firearm with him (that was pointed towards the ground as he tried to talk to the cops).

  19. First off, I suggest you take a trip to Mexico to learn what an execution is. He wasn’t relieved of his firearm and summarily shot while begging for his life. There is a LOT that is happening all at once, a lot of adrenaline, and really poor choices happening in the span of about 5 seconds here. My farts last longer than that.

  20. Sorry, maybe I should specify since you seem to have a hard time understanding things:

  21. The best position for a criminal is a position of authority.

  22. The best position for a criminal is a position of authority.

  23. The best position for a criminal is a position of authority.

  24. The best position for a criminal is a position of authority.

  25. I thought we stopped doing this during the Reagan administration...

  26. Nope. Theyve always been doing this.Its happened to me 4 times

  27. Check the website of the facility and see if you can find the names of staff. If you find out the names of them, report them for sexual assault/inappropriate conduct

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