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  1. The US funds the genocide of Yemeni people by purchasing Saudi oil. Europe funds the invasion of Armenia by purchasing Azeri gas.

  2. Modi is a sack of shit, your country and your people deserve better than a thug whose intentional inaction helped murder your citizens in the gujarat riots.

  3. That’s the point. Trolls spew a fire hose of misinformation and lies because the lie is around the world twice before the truth puts on its shoes

  4. Russia also wanted to use a cold winter and no gas as a means to pressure the EU

  5. Exactly. Let’s not pretend Russia didn’t have the strongest motive here

  6. I'm not defending anything, simply telling you that the flag is part of the car's design, and always will be.

  7. And it’s a violent racist symbol and always will be, and the people who like it support that too.

  8. I never said I liked it once, I never defended it once.

  9. I see how you took that comment about “people” who support the traitor flag personally! Very telling.

  10. You can also try to call and ask if you can pay an extra pet DEPOSIT (one time, NOT pet rent) for an extra cat.

  11. Luxx IS delusional, she's so basic and thinks she's top dog

  12. But there’s delusional queens every season, that’s part of the joy of the show. Most of them are delusional tbh. You need that level of self confidence to not get crushed.

  13. It's called being objective. I don't like bullshit from either side. I don't have a 'team'. R/Ukraine if you just want to wank to highly censored feel good pro Ukraine propaganda. I'm here to talk about the war.

  14. You should have a “team” and that team should be humanity. You’ve chosen the invaders.

  15. “You’re the one with skin in the game.” One is singular, correct?

  16. Clark, do you feel fulfilled by this conversation? Do you feel like your time will be best spent picking apart your usage of the phrase “skin in the game”?

  17. Sounds like you’ve abandoned your words because you can’t defend them, and are attempting to sling mud instead.

  18. How does one differentiate between cop misconduct and necessary non-misconduct?

  19. Your post is too thoughtful and logical for Reddit. The police department is the depository for angry malcontents' anger and malcontent, IMO.

  20. It’s not logical and thoughtful to blame citizens valid concerns about cop misconduct on the citizens.

  21. I love how the cat's face is so perfectly "yeah it's a monkey, so?"...

  22. What anyone would do! Make a Scrooge McDuck size pile of chicken wings and swim in it.

  23. She showed up to a little get together and the person who invited her said that they would be taking bets on who could sit with her for more then 30 minutes. 10 bucks per person, winner kept the pot. I assumed they were just being rude and planned to tell her of her "friends" plans as soon as she showed up.

  24. Our friends wanted to meet up for a nightcap so we did that, the person at the door still wanted to charge us cover and we didn’t have cash on us, so consider bringing cash, depending on location.

  25. Idk either but I would assume in this scenario he gets assassinated for choosing to nuke his own people, so I think the west would just be like, “holy shit that was awful! Humanitarian aid time!” and it would be accepted.

  26. I dunno...if he was nuking rebellious Chechens or other minorities, who would assassinate him?

  27. That was part of a successful influence campaign, but unfortunately for Putin he has yet to establish even consistent messaging about this war. With consistent messaging and the right propaganda, he can bring his people behind him. But his messaging is only mildly successful around the war he had years to lay propaganda groundwork for, I don’t think he would be able to get people behind nuclear use in their own borders.

  28. Eternal youth like they had, with all of existence and its accumulated knowledge and entertainment at my fingertips? Hell yes.

  29. This is one of the few lines I found hit me wrong. Like, is he skewering these types of men who find skinny women who don’t eat perfect, or is he acknowledging sone kind of masculine truth that men don’t want women who eat?

  30. I like what the other reply said (and I think thats actually what it is!) but I took it as like: if you take all your pain and fear and hurt and shove it down deep inside and pretend it’s not real, you will just be the absolute pits.

  31. No one knows, but many would love to speculate! And then more still will love to jump down their throats for the audacity to speculate!

  32. Then maybe don't use the acronym KKK for one of your main characters?

  33. The point of the sub is to pretend to be a writer and ask a stupid, obnoxious question and then have everyone give bad advice usually in support.

  34. A dog with a human bite history and that does not readily get along with other animals as your adoption posting indicates is unsuitable for hunting or farm work.

  35. Thank you for mentioning behavioral euthanasia, I have a friend who had to make that hard choice. I know there are circumstances where that is the most humane and compassionate choice. She was able to give her dog a wonderful and loving last day with a hike and lots of treats.

  36. We just had a heat wave at the beginning of January. It suddenly became spring for about a week in the middle of winter. 3 decades here, and that's never happened before. In my parents' 6 decades, they can never recall seeing no snow on the ground at the beginning of January. And somehow, my brother insists this is just a "natural process" and that it has nothing to do with humans. I've told him dozens of times that "natural processes don't occur over a single human lifetime. It takes many thousands of years. But that doesn't fit the narrative he believes.

  37. Whenever people try to tell me something is fine because “it’s natural” I tell them “well, cocaine is all natural and plant based.” Lol. Good luck with your brother, I hope he comes around. I suspect most people who have dug in by now never will, unfortunately. It’s too tied to their politics and identity now.

  38. Really though. I’m only 30 and I remember the winters being actually winter up North, and now? It was almost 50 in January the other week. Anyone who denies climate change is being willfully ignorant. And for what? So that oil companies can continue to rake in millions?

  39. Ah then here is a well dated reference for you! It’s like that postal service song “sleeping in”: now we can swim any day in November

  40. Strategy: the enemy will be distracted for at least 4 seconds while they watch the turret fly

  41. It would be nice if they'd catch the SOB who did this; but who ever it was may well be already dead.

  42. It’s very likely the person who did this is alive (the DOJ’s top suspect is alive and gave DNA for the investigation in 2010).

  43. So Republicans most definitely want to completely destroy the country, but also are waging 5th generation, asymmetric warfare, and are currently in the process of destroying Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Birmingham, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, St Louis, Kansas City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and many other major US cities.

  44. I bet you’re one of the animals hoping for another civil war so you can rape with impunity

  45. FYI, the adjective-noune-number user IDs are auto-generated when you create a new user ID based on an OAuth login from Google or whatever.

  46. I'm sorry....but go on about these magical scrotums...?

  47. You know, they have prehensile tails, they’re marsupials, and they invested in bitcoin at $5

  48. I dunno guys, this doesn't really feel like the sort of thing we should be "gloating" over??? She was beaten and raped ffs

  49. I just read through all the comments and I don’t see much gloating, at least not in comments with positive upvotes.

  50. I think in this instance, the entire post is a "gloat"??

  51. With the way the sub ends up going most times, I could see that. Mostly the sub doesn’t even want LAMF, they want consequences for a perceived baddie. A lot of those posts won’t have any LAMF at all, and they’re popular.

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