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  1. I agree the post is unnecessary but show some class man.

  2. That looks too realistic for CGI but I guess youre right

  3. They were pretty thick pancakes i have to say

  4. it's not if he's talented buddy, it's if he does his job right for you. I can't help you personally because I don't care about my hairstyle, because it's just hair and nothing to be ashamed of. Ask some girls irl.

  5. Basement dweller (and potentially neckbeard) detected

  6. People hating on OP bc they can’t take the fact that he’s prob got more bitches in his life than most here combined. Keep in mind this is reddit, 50% here are basement dwellers

  7. Der und Das gehn, die is Mehrzahl

  8. This would be impressive if he would actually switch sides. She’s just doing the same movement over and over again even before he even swings it

  9. It’s almost like she is practicing a single technique…

  10. I have won multiple quite big matches and I can tell you that this is not how you properly train. At all

  11. You made an edit saying you wonder what everyone's comment about "caring way too much on others opinions" has to do with your post... where you're asking peoples opinions and basing what you play off of it o.o

  12. There is a difference in asking for experiences from people who have experienced the class first-hand in order to prevent myself from a bad character choice which essentially would lower my fun factor, and caring about opinions of people who want to, for example, negatively affect your gameplay experience (which is what the comments I was referring to, meant)

  13. Revierinspektor has Dienstnummer if you have Flüchte.

  14. Während ich fotografiert habe, hat mir eine Exekutivbeamte zu Fuß angesprochen.

  15. Bro des war hart zu lesen. Oblivion NPC Dialogue

  16. Im 6ft 5 so I know what youre talking about

  17. Stimme zu. Kaufe das stinknormale Extra Soft Sandwich für 1,29 (sowas in die Richtung) und schmeckt genau gleich… kostet weniger als die Hälfte von Ölz

  18. There’s no Elden Ring on this list, making it irrelevant

  19. I waited 24 hours and nothing changed. It still displayed the message

  20. It’s not as bad as you want to make it to be.

  21. It will most likely not be as high quality as Elden Ring, and it doesn’t have to be. If it’s a good game that is totally fine. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary. Just no Redfall or Gollum please.

  22. Which ARPG/RPG does that, I am curious? I have seen POE doing this one time and it was disastrous for them, how is this a standard?

  23. Does it have to be a standard? “Who does this” is not a valid question nor argument, if people would constantly think like that we wouldn’t even develop as a human species (yep, that was pretty deep but its true). As mentioned in my other comment, all 4 points you mentioned in your thread can be eliminated if you stop actively researching diablo 4 content on social media and play the game for your own enjoyment once its out. Take a chill pill my friend and stop the FOMO

  24. All 4 points you mentioned can be eliminated if you stop actively participating in social Diablo 4 content (Twitch, yt, reddit) and simply play the game when it launches at your own pace and for your own enjoyment.

  25. Who doesn’t know it, a meter deep whole right infront of a front door. Completely normal!

  26. Wie zum Fick ist Putenschnitzel über Hühnerschnitzdl

  27. Dudes a total whack job, but godsdamn do I loves me some tom cruise

  28. That english is awful and I say that as a german..

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