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Trevor Noah to Exit ‘Daily Show’ After Seven Years

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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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John Cena Sets Guinness World Record For The Most Wishes Granted Through The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Just throwing this out there, sick of this continuing to happen? Stop watching football.

  2. IF every single person did it would, but in reality that will never happen.

  3. Yes, if every single person who watches football stopped. But you underestimate the stubbornness of the owners and insane amounts of money from tv contracts and other sponsorships that are influencing the game.

  4. I stopped watching after Stewart left. Haven’t watched a full episode with Noah as host, but sometimes ill watch his monologue segments. They’re ok. Nothing memorable. The vibe is too mellow. What made Stewart’s DS great was he was able to channel the anger and frustration many Americans were feeling about the corruption and hypocrisy in politics and news media. Noah just doesn’t have that same brashness and righteous indignation that made Stewart a powerhouse.

  5. I hate how Lizzo sounds when she says “Flowers for mom-mie!” It’s like she’s a talking doll.

  6. One suspends their disbelief and allows themselves to get emotionally invested in the wrestlers and the action in the ring. People like flair understand the psychology that’s involved in getting the fans to love/hate him.

  7. Taylor has a contract with Coke. It’s the Pepsi halftime show.

  8. Metheny knows you gotta brush twice a day to keep your toan clear of cavities.

  9. Yes, that’s all well and good. But it’s messed up that charity work is now viewed as a competition of sorts. I don’t blame John Cena for this. This all about how WWE loves to promote it because it makes them look like a better company than they are.

  10. I was more disappointed about MJH’s political views and her starring in ultra religious films.

  11. DiCaprio. There have been periods of time over the last 20+ years where Eminem’s star arguably was brighter, but long term answer is Leo.

  12. Anything with singing. Love Bob’s Burgers but the singing borders cringe for me.

  13. “I spent way more hours in ‘Star Wars’ than I spent in college.”

  14. Bob's Burgers characters are never supposed to change. There's no development they can have that won't be reset by the next episode.

  15. I would argue that Louise has had some development in her character. She’s less antisocial and more friend/ family oriented than I recall her being in earlier seasons.

  16. The episodes aren't supposed to be written that way. They're episodic. There's some continuity, like Bob's tattoo, but that's about all the character development anyone should expect.

  17. He did have a talk show that failed. Probably let it out during those days.

  18. There are episodes that feature characters I can’t stand that I skip over (Courtney, Dr Yap, Kurt, Randy) but “Pig Trouble in Little Tina” is possibly the least appealing plot-line of any BB’s episode. I appreciate that they wanted to do a Nightmare on Elm Street parody, but this episode was too much.

  19. Yeah... I think you wanted perfection when you already had a great head of hair, but I understand. You are playing a risky game though if you do start to experience hair loss without taking meds. How many grafs did you get?

  20. I had great hair, bad hairline.

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