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'What the Hell is Wrong With Them': GOP Senators Kill $35 Cap on Insulin. 'Republicans told millions of Americans who use insulin to go to hell.'

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  1. You’ll tell your grandchildren about this someday: We are truly living in the golden age of toiletz.

  2. I’ll go French kiss the guy next to me while you think of your answers.

  3. “If we give up our dental plan, I’ll have to pay for Lisa’s braces!”

  4. That’s sort of an odd question. Jimmy Fallon never did anything to harm me personally, but I think he’s the worst talk show host in modern history. “Ha ha ha ha ha!” (slams palm on desk as members of the Roots look off into the distance and think about how much they are getting paid to back up this buffoon).

  5. It’s a blessing and a curse. Yes, I’ll never have to eat a boring, cold sandwich again. But, I’ll never be able to hold the hands of the love of my life... or catch the game winning football pass in the Super Bowl. 🙌

  6. So remember who voted against this when you go to vote. We need people in office that will work for us, not their party

  7. Republican voters will forget in a week, that is if they haven’t already. Or they’ll just find a way to blame Democrats.

  8. WOW that pot of gold line was fully mask off l, I don't know how Crowder gets away with shit like this and his blatantly bigoted impressions of any race that isn't his own.

  9. SC has serious emotional issues. A deeply repressed human being that takes out his self loathing on minority groups to make himself look manly.

  10. What about Bob Dylan? “Subterranean Homesick Blues” was about as rap as you could get in the early 1960s.

  11. To be clear, are you asking about Borderline Personality Disorder?

  12. So do you envision John leading the band and finding new members when the others have retired or move on from this world?

  13. He’s a very talented musician, but I hope it’s not Mayer carrying the torch. I view him as an opportunistic poser who rides the Dead’s coattails. But that’s just me.

  14. While I agree with the sentiment, how else do you imagine it would go down? Eventually he would become the senior member of the band if he stayed committed to it.

  15. I don’t know... i suppose I would consider the dead over for good. Mayer was never part of the community before and I still see him as an interloper. Someone who Bob saw as a catalyst to bring in more money and arguably a younger female crowd. I would compare the Mayer situation to Ringo and his All Starr Band. Just because Starr hires Sheila E to play drums on the tour doesn’t mean she carries the torch of the Beatles.

  16. Can’t wait for that flash movie. DC should just eat that budget and shelve it forever.

  17. Poor Michael Keaton. Just retrofit it to be Bruce Wayne playing shuffle board, receiving his aarp benefits and kicking ass at the retirement village.

  18. As long as it's interesting or different to mainstream/pop music playing stations I'll give it a go

  19. Maybe it's part of a grand scheme to minimize HBO "unperforming" content and make you subscribe to their latest offshoot: HBO Min. Only .99 for the first minute and $3.99 for each additional minute. Must have your parents permission. Order now!

  20. And to hear more about what HBO has in store, make sure you subscribe to HBO WORX which is just the old TV guide channel scrolling old HBO listings. Because it's not TV: it's HBO!

  21. I’ll defer to the group, but I think May 77 is definitely a great opening to introduce curious friends and family members to what the Dead were all about.

  22. not exactly,Warner doesn't own AEW & even if they decided they didn't want them anymore,tony can easily take it to another network as the company Is still young & their asking price isn't ridiculously high compared to WWE

  23. Yes, in theory. But who are the big network players who would want it? And put it in prime time no less?

  24. there is paramount who owns many many channels such as MTV,Paramount network,CBS,Showtime. there is also streaming companies now like Netflix & apple tv & so on. its been rumoured for a while now that Sinclair is going to put up the CW network for sale so if all else fails tony & his dad can get some business partners together & buy it & that's free tv that's available in even more homes than cable

  25. CBS has football rights and they cater to a more family friendly audience. Putting it on MTV would be bad news because there is no quality content to build around AEW.

  26. I don’t know if there’s a scientific consensus on “geniuses”.

  27. You’re kind of asking two questions. 1. Should you be singing with a group of people during the pandemic? That’s iffy due to the amount of possible virus droplets that are being expelled while you are all singing together. Definitely monitor your symptoms.

  28. That's how much my brain surgery cost. Just $600 more to pay off (insurance covered all but $3500)

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