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  1. Nice fan fic. For reals though, Jerry wanted to join Edie Brickell for a sort of variety revue tour but whoever his partner at the time was, was jealous, so he backed down. Never could handle the confrontation.

  2. Did Jerry play on her song “What I am”? There’s a solo towards the end that is very Jerry-esque.

  3. According to a previous Reddit thread a few weeks back, Bobby was fired for sucking at guitar in the late sixties. He just kept showing up to practice and Jerry let it slide.

  4. I love Punk, but his whole “Respect me” or “I deserve respect” shtick around 2013 drove me nuts. It was like he was channeling Rodney Dangerfield.

  5. Dim Fool. Can’t believe this guy gets paid so much money to lazily fart around on a microphone…

  6. Not bad compared to some of the other outfits (leopard print) and makeup Bob was wearing during the Reagan era.

  7. Not excusing what Clinton did, but no one wants to be on the phone with Trent Lott.

  8. Not sure if they still do the spots for Blue Chew, but constantly hearing JR and Tony Schiavone talk about their sex lives, or lack thereof, started making me ill. I understand the need for some ads here and there, but Conrad sabotaged his shows.

  9. I think he will, unfortunately, be remembered as a hero and a victim by most if not all of the right wing in society.

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