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  1. I'd do it if I were you. That's just me, though. Good luck!

  2. Sounds to me like you have a relationship somewhere that's, "dead weight." You know it but they are tied up in your life. Apparently its someone close and explanations will needed.

  3. I agree, though it doesn't have to be a person. A part of your life that started out very alive has died and you're trying to hold on to it, trying to keep it alive. Looks like a part of you knows it's over.

  4. My best guess is that the dream is referring to someone who is on your mind, consciously or subconsciously, who has issues with alcohol. Issues which prevent the birth of better possibilities in their relationship with you. An ex, perhaps? A family member?

  5. This is not dream content. You're tired, too tired to even dream properly. Could be stress, physical/mental exhaustion, etc.

  6. A marriage in this sense symbolizes a type of growth. Light and darkness reconciled and integrated. Conscious and unconscious. Order and chaos. Reason and emotion. Etc.

  7. New awareness being born out of unconsciousness. The temperature of the water/rain symbolizes the challenge of living life. It's more difficult to rise out of the water, but staying in the water is the equivalent to "ignorance is bliss".

  8. Is your rational mind taking you to conclusions you refuse to accept?

  9. Ah, very interesting interpretation. She does claim to be religious, but I'm unsure what religion she's part of though. We also unfortunately lost contact she's actually ex friend.

  10. Oh... I didn't see you labeled as Christian. While I have nothing against Christianity, I have quite a bit of Christianity within me myself, many Christians tend to see themselves on a high ground. Looking down on others and trying to "pull them up" to their level. Their intent might be perfectly pure, but a widening of ones perspective might be necessary.

  11. Oh lol it's okay. That's the thing we never had discussion about Christianity. I recently became born again in mld February, I been kinda afraid she would reject in way. She doesn't know I became born again. I was following christian accounts maybe that's why she unfollwed me, but our relationship has not been good for years solely my fault. She's been acting strange and kinda shady like stalking behavior I'm not gonna go until great detail of why she's doing it.

  12. I see. So your dream was a reflection of how you perceive the break up between you and her..

  13. I see an increase or doubling in frequency as the source of motion/energy rises to the end of that upright path and closer to the barrier.

  14. I'm gonna make a guess that you perceive these two younger 23 year olds as more advanced in life than the two of you that came out of the lake? You're being born into a cold and dark place, symbolized by coming out of the water. And the two you find dead have already passed on to their next stage in life, leaving the two of you behind.

  15. Also, the catfish is a bottom feeder, so perhaps you see you leading your 33 year old brother out of some less than respectable stage of your lives?

  16. It's also possible that you see these younger ones overcome, defeated in their stage of life, or situation, due to the lack of guidance from you older ones. You're not there to guide them because you yourselves didn't brave the hardships sooner.

  17. Oh wow. Thank you for this interpretation. I can definitely think of a few things that have been getting on my nerves but haven’t been outspoken about it. Do you think there is a difference if I pulled it out from my left or right ear?

  18. Yes, right and left tend to be very symbolic and I haven't come across an instance yet in which it appears to be irrelevant. Left symbolizes the feminine (raw irrational emotion, instinct, intuition, etc.). To me, it would seem to communicate that it is not your sense of responsibility, authority, or your sense of reason that is being irritated. It is this emotional, creative side of you that this parasitic thought/attitude/perspective/etc. has dug into. And I'm assuming you pulled it out with your right hand, which may symbolize that your rational, responsible, willing side may be of help in removing this thing from within you.

  19. Did that not fit? If not, please let me know! It'll help me learn!

  20. Yesss! It was funny the first time...

  21. The water swelling and carrying you away symbolizes the unconscious overcoming your consciousness. This could mean instincts, urges (addiction perhaps), and/or any thoughts, actions, or emotions that you don't have control over, or seem to have a mind of their own, those thoughts, actions, and emotions that overcome a mindfulness or awareness or understanding.

  22. Sexual intimacy in dreams is often about incorporating some element of the personality. Could be interesting to see what those people elicit in you, what part of yourself could they be representing?

  23. Drowning, or being submerged in water to be lost symbolizes something sinking into unconsciousness. If the dream is about your actual grandfather and not a grandfather symbol, then the dream might symbolize you saving your grandfather from being forgotten. This could be through an action that you have taken recently. Otherwise, your dream might be communicating the need for you to learn about your grandfather or that in some way he should be remembered.

  24. The dream had my real paternal grandfather whom I saved from drowning. So it basically means going into the unconscious?

  25. You saved him from disappearing into the unconscious in your dream. What this means for you in waking life, I'm not sure. My guess would be that he has been remembered or needs to be remembered.

  26. Sounds like your dream is pointing out that you're doing something the hard way, to the point of it being absurd. Almost making fun of you for it 😂 Instead of grabbing a blanket to wrap yourself in, you light them on fire to stay warm...

  27. This happened to me for maybe a month or two but it's gone away now! Hopefully yours will too.

  28. Hi. Someone told me it's because yawning increases the supply of oxygen in the brain or something

  29. Sure, I've heard the theory, but what do you think Lexapro does to make you feel that infernal need to yawn all the time?... Like a damn fish out of water gasping for oxygen.

  30. As a Spanish speaker, I have never heard the word "sortija".

  31. The one that entered had a black color. The one on the bed near me was white which is the one I killed.

  32. Did it appear after killing the first one? Would it seem that it replaced the white one?

  33. The other details I can remember are that I was in my house, sitting on my bed, the tv was on. The snake I killed appeared on my right side and was just slithering or sitting by me. The other 2-3 snakes I saw went like this: one of the snakes was sitting on the very top of a bookshelf in another room, another snake I saw was slithering and entered into the same room where I had killed the snake I mentioned at the start of the dream. That’s pretty much all I can remember about the dream. Nobody, no family member was in my house, just me.

  34. Your house represents your conscious space, your psyche. Your right symbolizes masculine aspects: control, power, intelligence, knowledge, consciousness, etc. The snake in your room is in your immediate conscious space, the one outside is more removed.

  35. There. I did the best I could, but since they are communicating something different, it is hard to get us onto the same page.

  36. Wait please please answer this if u have the time, maby it's just my limitation again, am i supposed to see the pain and hurt caused as an aspect of love or an aspect of ego, can u explain the difference between the negative of ego nd the negativity of pure yin

  37. It can be an aspect of love and it can also be an aspect of ego.

  38. When do you take the Lexapro? If in the AM you could try evening dosing. Also, adding bupropion could be helpful - it’s a common combination. Bupropion is more stimulating.

  39. Welbutrin worked like a charm, thanks!

  40. No. I used to go to church when I was little (Christian church) like when I was 5 to 6 years old when we used to visit my grandma and that’s it. But my family has never been religious or devoted to any religious practice.

  41. The reason I ask is because the outfit you describe matches the symbolism of the outfits the masons wear in their temples. The green and white, the leaves, the white shoes (the Mormons then took this practice from the masons). This means that the symbolism in your dream is more than just personal, it's deeper and universal.

  42. Of course your version is much more beautiful. Theirs is quite ugly 😂 But the symbolism is the same.

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