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  1. my boyfriend went with me last time. and tbh most guys there were gay or there with girlfriends

  2. like you’re crazy in love with them and can’t handle losing them

  3. isn’t summer an exception tho? i work in a restaurant and in the summer it get really hot and customers along with staff want the doors open and flies are bound to get in there isn’t much we can do about that except for clear the tables

  4. don’t know what you’re talking about but i once read one where the boys were trapped on an island they were al walking round trying to find each other. the island started coming alive and trying to drag them with its tentacles. when they all found harry he was laying down on the sand naked with the tentacles holding him hostage by his arms and legs and he was getting fucked in the arse with one of them and another was jerking him off

  5. no i also read one where harry was getting himself off in the back of the tour bus on the couch and all the boys came in and started fucking him 🤣🤣 those ones scare me tbh

  6. I mean...he probably won't but if he sings high in California it seems like a good choice

  7. once when i was 8 or 9 i was downstairs with my mum while my dad was at work. everyday when he came home i’d shout out “hi dad” and this time was no different. both me and my mum were on the couch when we heard the door open and close and my dad put his bag down on the floor, heard him take his shoes and coat off and i shouted like i did every day and my mum asked him work was. after a couple minutes of silence i got up to see where he was and no one was there. i told my mum and she was just as confused as i was. me and her still talk about that now and it still freaks us out.

  8. that’s just the made in the a.m cover but with different people

  9. NTA. It's not just a you thing. His actions are sus. Even if he isn't cheating physically he seems to be cheating emotionally. He has already lied to you about her. Tell him how you feel and why you don't like it. If he doesn't agree to stop doing it, break up and move on. It may hurt but he seems to want to be with this girl anyways so continuing your relationship may only be delaying a breakup. Best of luck

  10. he did i think i put it in there somewhere that he agreed to not see her alone anymore until i know her better. i get they have known each other their whole lives but they’ve never spent alone time together until now and i just don’t her well enough to be ok with it

  11. God yes, I've had issues with this. My boyfriend will sometimes slow down his thrusts to last longer after I tell him I almost can't take anymore. Like no, you've got a maximum of 2-3 minutes until its actively uncomfortable for me, it's not like porn where "It's too much!" is a good thing.

  12. it’s literally the opposite for me. it takes me ages to finish and my boyfriend (not thats it’s bad) but sometimes finishes way too quickly compared to me even if it was long. i don’t know if there’s just something wrong but it takes me a really long time. once it toon around 2 hours for him to get me there. he isn’t doing anything wrong he does everything i like it’s just me

  13. ugh i love it. i want one so bad 🥺 where do you get them from?

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