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  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. It's very finnicky.

  2. The Cleaver meeting is my favourite with Christopher's intervention a close second. An underrated one which always cracks me up is when Sal the gardener asks Tony if he can stop cutting Johnny Sack's lawn.

  3. You're lucky Noah doesn't do Reddit or he'd punch your fucking lights out.

  4. I would honestly rather see Bobby Cannavale (The guy who played Gyp Rosetti) as someone like Vito Genovese.

  5. Bobby as Gyp was amazing in Boardwalk. He stole every scene he was in.

  6. Can I ask how you uninstalled it and if it broke anything?

  7. Love the aesthetics and think Fedora 38 is beautiful. But for me Linux has been unusable in a modern laptops due to the poor touchpad support. Gestures work on Wayland but the touchpad is imprecise - jittery, too fast, too slow no matter how much I play around with settings. I was happy with synaptics for years, but it's unworkable today on modern laptops with gestures and the libinput alternative is just way too janky.

  8. Ram is not everything, you should look at CPU usage

  9. True, memory was something to be worried about back in the 90s/00s, most laptops/pcs come with 8GB as standard.

  10. Until Widgets with shitty news stories from celebrity sites and Daily Mail can be completely disabled means I'll never use Win 11. Ever. And yes you can use registry and disable widgets, but they either reappear and Widgets runs in the background even after registry tweaking. Imagine, click the search icon..."10 ways to connect with your cat". Beyond repugnant.

  11. Aldi seems quite reasonable, prices don't seem to have gone up and they're always well stocked.

  12. I used to work in call centers. This has always been part of the training course: "repeat back the issue so they know you're listening and to be sure you've understood their problem". We actually had random calls monitored and pulled up if we didn't follow the script. We all ended up sounding the same and less human.

  13. I think you're right. Thinking back at all the brilliant episodes, I really can't think of a better one in The Sopranos or any TV series I have ever watched. That transition from Adriana driving making you think it was going to be an empowering moment for her after all the years of abuse to Silvio's face was grim.

  14. The last two episodes of season 2 were so epic I always thought they were the finales.

  15. Mad Dogs. A mini-series with Christopher. Very good show, it has lots of twists and turns.

  16. Can't go wrong with any of those shows. You might find the first few episodes of The Wire a bit slow but it pays off in the end, but I think that applies to most good shows. Shows that desperately try to retain viewers with shock bait and rushed writing always come off as contrived i.e. every Netflix show.

  17. Listen to yourself, you sound demented

  18. Becuse you can still get into ketosis with fasting and then you get the benefits of Autophagy. I'm all for whatever works for you but it really sucks to cut out entire food groups.

  19. I agree. I'm currently fasting for Ramadan and having one meal is much more satiating as well as keeping my blood sugar low most of the day.

  20. Seriously, it’s arguably the worst scene in the entire series. Especially because it never had to exist.

  21. I think it exists because a few scenes later Carmella tells Tony his mother has died. It's more impactful because only a few moments before he was yelling at her. Personally, I found it sadder for that.

  22. If telemetry is supposed to help MS show me more of what I like why do I keep getting news from my most despised news sites? Even with it turned off I still feel like it's still loading stories in the background, just lying dormant for whenever it's switched on. I'm so tired of registry hacks just to disable web search, disabling onedrive and uninstalling apps like Spotify, Instagram, Prime to only show up a few weeks down the road that I've lost all trust in MS and just installed Linux.

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