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  1. I'm a tad confused what you mean by that? Like she insisted that your increased attraction to men is a fetish?

  2. Yeah Ive brought it up and she knows I've been into guys for a while but says it's a fetish for me . Now idk if she's correct idk the distinction between fetish and sexual orientation ig

  3. It's not at all a fetish, I'm gonna say that clearly. And like, I don't mean to be...uh idk alarmist or anything OP, but like if your partner sees your sexual orientation as a fetish, that's not cool.

  4. Well it's a bit more complex than that. I think she does distinguish orientation and fetish, but ig she thinks mine is a fetish because I used to be into girls but I'm not rly anymore

  5. I'm glad that I'm not alone with this experience. How do I deal with my partner who I've dated since pre hrt, she keeps insisting it's a fetish for me and idk if she might be right but regardless it has destroyed my sex life. That just caused me to think of making this thread

  6. I think HRT can do a lot but in terms of changing ones orientation it depends on how you look at it; For example, When I started to transition and change my outer and inner image I could finally admit to myself that I do really like men...For me it comes down to just eliminating my internalized homophobia and reducing my dysphoria

  7. I do have quite a history of internalised homophobia, but I feel on hormones transitioning I grew more romantic feelings towards guys that I hadn't experienced before

  8. I guess it's a distant goal for you to work towards. Some people are better at that than others. It's a mindset you need to condition yourself to

  9. I don't think you should let anyone misgender you or treat you badly. I personally don't push back unless I'm sure the other person is understanding. In retail work it's a risk that a customer will make a scene out of you correcting their pronoun use. It's really unfair but atleast for me what works is to just take what I'm given. Idk much about your situation, like what kind of people you're dealing with etc. I know that some people use badges with their pronouns in them, idk if that is an option for you. That won't stop people from misgendering you on purpose though

  10. I think quite a bit. Not saying you should or that anyone should, but stuff like misgendering, deliberate or not I usually take because I hate to complain. If someone is ignorant and says something stupid I usually either correct them or act as if they didn't say that. I try hard to avoid people who are deliberately transphobic, usually with malicious intent.

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