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  1. KC3000 since it has a slightly better controller (recent E18 vs old IG5236)

  2. Loose or broken display adapter in the laptop screen?

  3. Yep, something like that. I ended up initiating a return and ordering a replacement.

  4. Je pose ça là au cas ou personne n'aurait lu le contenu de l'article.

  5. Sauf que ce ne sont pas des "refugiés illégaux". En plus d'être un déchet humain, Richard Martel nous rend son bon jugement basé sur des faits incorrects. Ça résume plutôt bien ce qu'est devenu le parti conservateur.

  6. On a pas besoin d'être dans une simulation pour que les gens agissent comme des caves.

  7. Pour avoir fais plusieurs KM d'amigo pcq j'étais cassé, si t'as les moyens, PREND LE BUS.

  8. J'ai pleuré une larme en lisant le titre et en réalisant que c'est vrai.

  9. Moi j'aime bien "ah bin tabarnoune", ça fait sourire.

  10. Oh that's great. Did you learn all by yourself? Or uou went college too?

  11. By myself. I did go to CÉGEP in multimedia since it's (almost) free, I then had in mind to eventually go to university but 1) after learning how much university cost I quickly realized it wasn't realistic for "people like me" (eg: basically what I've been told my whole kid life) , even if it's very cheap in Québec and 2) I knew more than the college's teachers so it felt like a lost of time for me, I dropped out and pursued my adventure with my own small web company.

  12. That's great achievement. Any tips for someone learning coding? What's more in demand now and how to get a job without having experience?

  13. And then about how to get a job without experience... that's a tough one... I never wanted to depend on anyone so I built up my experience myself by selling my bad services for cheap and got better over time, charging more and more for my knowledges and skills. I ultimately sold my company and ended up joining a big tech for the challenges and the money, they have much more means and the challenges are big so it's super fun. But to start, I'd say any small web agencies that do regular boring websites but also do custom software development, there's a ton of them.

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