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  1. My best guess is that it’s to grind out the rewards of the game rather than actually play H2H for fun

  2. Also to anyone who actually does this I’d love to hear from you, just trying to understand it makes no sense to me

  3. Sometimes people just enjoy the end result of a win rather than the process. It’s the same across literally every multiplayer game. If there’s cheese, people are gonna find it and abuse it.

  4. I just don’t get it personally. Whenever I come across this and find a way to stop it easily, the score could be 0-0 and they just quit anyways.

  5. How good are the presents going to be? I saved up a ton and hoping it’ll pay off

  6. Do anyone know when presents will be able to be opened? Is it midnight or will it be in the morning.

  7. How do you throw a LOB pass, I’m trying to do challenges and I keep throwing touch passes but it’s like the same damn thing it’s frustrating

  8. Lightly tap the button, so don’t hold it down at all. The touch pass is a press and release a lob is just tap it quickly as possible. Hope that helps

  9. I think now would be a great time to get into it, good players are starting to get cheap and EA gives a lot of stuff out for free around this time since it’s Christmas it feels like. Easy 85+ overall packs for most of the solo challenges and I’ve gotten a good amount of 90+ players recently just for playing and getting my level up.

  10. Lmao I honestly never wanna see this guy start for the steelers ever again. How many chances does this guy need to prove himself? He had an opportunity to start for a whole season and lost his spot to an XFL player... Not sure why anyone believes he should ever deserve another shot on this team. Guarantee the Steelers tried their hardest to trade him this season but just couldn't find a good enough deal. Doubt he'll be on the roster next season so why even let him play when we have 2 better options.

  11. Just cause they have a good team doesn’t mean they’re good

  12. Agreed, I beat a ton of 95 overall teams cause they don’t know how to play madden. It’s the people who are bad at madden but know how to just use the fact they have better overall players by sitting in I form the entire game and winning every single blocked matchup no matter what that I can’t stand.

  13. You're probably beating 95 overall teams and they are thinking to themselves: This guy is out there with these linemen and I can't get a bit of pressure. That's how the game has always been. And it's just as easy to have a good team being NMS this year

  14. It isn’t that hard to have a good NMS team I agree, but there’s a certain point where the degree of players really ramps up which is the place where NMS teams can’t get over. Not sure what I can do if my 93 overall mlb can make conservative tackles on his rb.

  15. Tell me Pickett couldn’t have done just as well as Mitch if not better out there today…

  16. I’m really not sure, maybe he does maybe he doesn’t. I don’t think after 1 away game to a division rival we should call for his head.

  17. Definitely need more time but if we are serious about winning this season we have to make this an option now. I say if Mitch hasn’t picked it up by week 3-4 he’s got to step down for at least a game or 2

  18. It’s not Mitch it’s the OL and play calling. You get a mobile QB and don’t let him use his legs, combined with leagues worst OL. You need to get Mitch moving with RPOs, bootlegs etc. The offense needs to cater to his skill set. It’s the OCs job to call plays and scheme to his strength and not weaknesses.

  19. O Line is definitely the issue but either way, Mitch played bad. Not his fault he typically couldn’t get to scramble out or be safe in a pocket, but the time he had that freedom he just didn’t look good enough. Probably too early to call for Pickett time but certainly time to start looking into it.

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