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When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. god the algorithm can’t reach my pituitary gland soon enough

  2. One issue is that, in stark contrast to analysis, musical intentionality can only be captured in language in more vague terms—everything is just so emotionally immediate and so highly time-sensitive that it’s only ever possible to form a glancing articulation, forget one backed rigorously by theory. It’s easier to play or listen to than talk about it.

  3. If I couldn’t agree with this professor on musicXML or something like that I would consider negotiations to have failed. They might not have anything to teach you.

  4. Hay I thought this was going in a different direction.

  5. Right? That non-existent needle in this haystack had me on a wild goose chase

  6. Are you looking for people interested in playing in an experimental musical ensemble?

  7. No, I apologize. After further consideration I’ve decided to look for people to play in a non-experimental musical ensemble.

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