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  1. SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition Star Wars Steampunker The light keeps us safe The deed: Dynasty Overlord Mystery key

  2. Fallout 3 Hue The game of life 2 Incredible Drakula 4 Baldurs gate 2

  3. I don't even shit on my kilo until it's safe and sound at my house.

  4. Yaaah man that's the safest. How's the weather today? What's your address?

  5. Damn everyone was like: Time to confess my crimes on Reddit This post is def on the fbi watchlist lmao 😭😭

  6. Nothing like a good old software that will scrape all the data written here as many of it is described in detail, and reverse search it through google and their own databases in order to find a matching situation, which then outputs the Case name, description & confessors reddit username.

  7. Rude to customer service workers, mean to my fur babies, insults or degrades his mother for no reason

  8. That first one is really a deal breaker.

  9. Turns out they were the crazy ones all the time.

  10. I don’t. Oh you can smoke pot while on the job but I dare to pull out a flask with a “mystery drink containing 65% alcohol volume” and all of a sudden you wanna take away my flask and demand I take a piss test? I do my job just fine when drunk, and I become very sociable too which improves morale! Did you know that 75% of all car accidents are done by sobers? Yeah, that’s right. And did you know that 99.9% of all plane crashes are done by sobers as well? The fact is that big sobriety is covering your eyes and clogging your ears from the truth!

  11. Congratulations on justifying consummation of alcohol at workplace and while driving.

  12. Did it improve your mental health.

  13. Not the fbi and CIA telling on the dea. 🤣🤣🤣

  14. We got a lot on our hands. As you can see the result of the experiment was a success. We're close to 1000 people revealing their crimes with detailed information about the crime scene and place.

  15. Nice try Department of Drug Enforcement (DEA)

  16. If they're plain black athletic socks, would anyone even know?

  17. Nobody would know just by looking at them (It can be noticed when touching them since the texture and quality is off).

  18. Socks. Specifically wearing socks that don't go along with a suit. Oftentimes people disregard wearing socks that go along with a suit because they can hardly/or if at all be seen.

  19. I was in high school and I cheated on my ex girlfriend, we broke up. To get her back and to keep talking to her, I faked having a life threatening illness and told her I'm very likely going to die in a few months.

  20. The trending medium rare or rare chicken. They are literally eating salmonela.

  21. Don't know. They think it's the same as cooking a steak, but in fact they're literally eating it raw. I was awed when I saw that.

  22. They would probably have more rights than the black people.

  23. True. Interesting fact is how only white people are going to be offended by my joke.

  24. Crooked politicians (Nothing in particular to say here).

  25. Food from a really expensive restaurant where you literally get two grapes and a leaf on your plate for $400.

  26. A few years ago. An ex girlfriend bought me an energy drink as a birthday gift.

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