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  1. They still give us masterpiece :3 Pitou <3

  2. Dang bro already? Was the max difficulty even hard? Lol

  3. That’s not enough enjoyment per dollar imho

  4. Saving the best for last I see. I hope you enjoy yourself when you finally get to 14.

  5. Congrats on this! I definitely know you spend days grinding this game. I have it myself but don’t know how to go about trophy hunting for it

  6. Have fun with X-2! I got the Platinum early this year and had a blast with it!

  7. Oh nice ! Thanks I’m pumped for it haha Is is harder then FF X

  8. The fuck kinda dumbass question is this?

  9. My mother send me always without a reason The ninja emoji haha

  10. Thank you :( haha How can I forget as a big phantom troupe fan :( haha

  11. 3 is my fav so far too, haven’t played Rag yet, is the scale of this one as epic as 3?

  12. Some people say it’s not epic But for me it was definitely better than the last one Kratos talks sometimes about his pasts and I love these moments (in example about his brother or her daughter) But tbh GOW 3 is more epic because it have so many boss battles. If Ragnarök had more boss fights then it would be better

  13. The platinum is a mess haha I had fun with it but I nearly break my console

  14. He’s a beast I just downloaded the game I think I need more 3 weeks to get use to it

  15. Haha that’s normal I’m curious how long you need Let me know if you get the platinum I will definitely give you an award hahaha

  16. you're welcome!! i heard it on a local classical radio station and was like wait a minute 🧐 took forever to find! i think its funny it has eleanor in the name🫢

  17. Oh no please no I hope no one of the Phantoms die I love them so much !

  18. They gotta die tho, thats what Thug life gets you.

  19. Ich kenne die griechischen Götter durch God Of War und Shin Megami Tensei

  20. I just was disappointed about the final boss (Odin) everything else was perfectly balanced

  21. Congrats Champion ! Only one trophy left… the 300 chest trophy

  22. Congrats bro !!! Do you had any glitches or something … I bought I too and I’m scared to start this game haha I read that if you close the game you cannot earn the platinum anymore

  23. Thanks! I just had one, but it wasn't game breaking. I died and then when I restarted from a checkpoint the game froze. I rebooted the game and that fixed it. I did play the game on vita though, not sure if that makes a difference.

  24. Thanks bro ! yeah I bought I too for Ps vita I already got the platinum of the game on ps3 But I’m scared on Ps vita because of the warnings in the internet haha But you motivated me haha thanks bro I platinum it after ragnarök hahaha

  25. This is very nice I may even use it for my self haha

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