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  1. Even if you couldn't see his potential For 150 crowns, yes.

  2. Kenny Omega and The Revival or whatever they're called now.

  3. Steak and egg wrap, my favourite breakfast item. 😔

  4. Not a town but the area in three valleys with the little house, fruit trees in the back and small pond not too far away for fishing.

  5. Their aim is their downside??? They have the highest natural aim stat of any class

  6. You're absolutely right, I guess I am just misremembering. Guess that makes them even better.

  7. He'd make a really good bannerman if you don't already have one.

  8. Then maybe fearsome swordlance as somebody else had mentioned.

  9. I mean he is greedy and a bit of a racist but a decent bro otherwise.

  10. "Do you know what Hilderich does to Greenskin babies?"

  11. Put the fishing rod in your hands, there should be an open slot where you can attach the hook. Hold down the interaction button (A for Xbox?), and drag into the slot on the fishing rod in your hands.

  12. I've been trying to do that and maybe just the move option is glitched? I hold A and try to move it and just nothing happens. Womt move at all

  13. Could be hand bugged, happened to me as well with a jammed gun. Have you tried relogging?

  14. People who live out of their schoolbag.

  15. He can be used to pull attention away from higher value bros. He has no mdef potential and starting mdef of 2. Best case he rolls like a god, but I'd say he's early fodder.

  16. He'll make a solid early game fencer until you find a better candidate. Resolve is pretty much where you'd want it to be, and he has solid base hp and fat.

  17. This pet was clearly loved. I wonder why they were put up for adoption?

  18. My favourite part is "discarding it all" once it's "expired."

  19. When other players attempt to get into your base to take your loot.

  20. But If you’re nomadic that isn’t a problem then right?

  21. "I'm sorry, but this is the last day we will be able to make this exception for you. Starbucks has a policy regarding refills, and if you would like yours to be honored you will have to remain in the café and finish your coffee."

  22. My favourite spot to place them is in a barrack in Pavlovo toxic zone.

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