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I spent over a year capturing this, the largest image ever taken of the complete andromeda galaxy

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

Can't stop seeing stars

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  1. Once two boys got in a fight and one got bodyslammed

  2. Wisconsin. I know literally nobody who lives there, they just be vibing

  3. Getting kids phones below age ten

  4. Dang, I know none of these lmao! what are dib dabs?

  5. A dib Dab is a little bag of sherbet with a strawberry lollipop, you lick the lollypop stick it in the powder and it’s a delicacy.

  6. No I do know McDonald's lol I just did not know about dib dabs

  7. Having a child with autism/mental illnesses. Had a childhood friend who had an autistic brother, it was really hard for him sometimes.

  8. A white friend of mine said the b slur about a Hispanic teacher of ours when he was mad

  9. This isn't meant as actual advice, but just offering some things to think about.

  10. Did someone with a psychology and / or psychiatry degree diagnose them as such, or is it the case that you simply disagree with their behaviours and values, therefore narcissism?

  11. This isn't a personal experience of mine, just asking in general

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