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  1. Image is reversed, fire sword is on her left hand.

  2. The jump itself isn't actually difficult, but the camera management is.

  3. you're not supposed to know, you're supposed to roll through it. Thanks for showing the hitboxes, but you should change the title

  4. The title doesn't suggest you should strafe this from now on.

  5. It does suggest you were supposed to know it, though, which you aren't, you're meant to NOT know it

  6. That's not how it felt in my head, sorry for the confused.

  7. You can only roll through it now, you can't jump over it anymore.

  8. I tested before replying to you, so you're just failing the timing.

  9. No hit runners have a tendency to roll it out of some sort of overcautious fear. I have done enough dancer to know the strafe was natural and you'd probably do it in an actual run too. The other strafes (the p2 ones I mean, p1 is trivial) felt a bit shakier and I think you'd err on the side of caution with them. Correct me if i'm wrong though, I haven't actually watched any of your runs. Regardless being able to last this long is pretty good.

  10. My hitless run was a pyromancy only one, so she died in a few seconds.

  11. Oh ok that's very cool. I really appreciate the showmanship, Dancer is a very fun boss and she has some very cool moves that are worth showcasing like this.

  12. I found the subreddit while going through

  13. Dark Souls III is a turn based game.

  14. What lag? The only odd thing I’ve seen was that blood effects would sometimes not show up for some reason.

  15. It doesn’t seem that bad. Haven’t run across it at all, nor heard anyone mention it either, you were the first I’ve seen. Well anyhow if the servers ever come back, let’s hope they fix this problem.

  16. There are 8 more non-optional bosses to reach the final boss.

  17. Wrong info. Both legs break either way. Stray Demon is then open to back-to-back riposte, quite cruel.


  19. The first Old Ironjaw was fished by Sidera (36 Paladin) and he won 250 gold. I believe it was his 22th fish!

  20. Either died real fast to Dancer or the Lothric Knights killed him through the gate after he entered.

  21. The first Old Ironjaw was fished by Sidera (36 Paladin) and he won 250 gold. I believe it was his 22th fish!

  22. Forgot to mention, hitboxes made visible with the

  23. Yuria's Black Armor set, minus the head piece.

  24. Oh wait so what’s the point in even doing the whole part with the giants and having to go up to the rafters to jump down to patches I always keep him alive cause I don’t like to murder npcs but just sound easier if you don’t wanna bother with him

  25. Maybe he is used with Greirat's second trip? Never done his second trip but I heard Patches saves him, so maybe that is the purpose of keeping him at Shrine.

  26. I could never get the parrying down in this game. I don't remember if I ever even tried to do it with the uchi's weapon art.

  27. It is the leg piece of chain armor set, sold by the merchant at Firelink. I like its model and how great the ass looks.

  28. Bloody weird, thank you so much. That sounds similar enough to what I've got that I'm downloading a fresh copy of the drivers as we speak. Even if this doesn't work, I really appreciate it! Thank you!

  29. Have you tried disabling or uninstalling NVIDIA High Definition Audio on Device Manager and restarting the system? If that doesn't work then I have no clue :(

  30. Your advice + the other reply actually helped me out! I don't know what fixed it, but I edited my post with what worked (pretty close to what you suggested here!); I don't know which step did it, though, so I don't know if my answer will help anyone but thank you so much for helping me figure out how to get it working again..! c:

  31. Great job. I thought you are not going to roll. You strafed most of her attacks. But, Isn’t it commonly recommended strategy to stick to her right butt ? which is when she circling to her left. But I did find it very difficult to dodge some her fast attacks in that way, especially the double slaps, they just came out nowhere. Very humiliating and infuriating way to die.

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