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  1. This needs reposting every time people get all hot and bothered about some random poll saying people don’t want Biden to run

  2. wonder how many people are employed full-time to trawl the warthunder forums looking for classified intel

  3. nice try cancon but you're still not getting me

  4. this is deeply stupid but something about "2003 was 20 years ago" feels weirder than "2008 was 15 years ago" or "2013 was 10 years ago" or "2018 was 5 years ago"

  5. i used to make fun of this type of observation and now i deeply do not like thinking about it

  6. Canadian Green parties think Wifi causes cancer.


  8. !ping CAN imagine you could pick any semi-prominent federal politician (or any provincial party leader) for Prime Minister. Whom would you pick?

  9. lol i finally got around to watching that solar sands video on ai art, and he starts it off by comparing AI art to nuclear weapons, stating that AI art can change the course of human history.

  10. "now i have become death, the destroyer of worlds"

  11. hey guys just found out about this proposal. seems interesting and wanted to hear other people's thoughts on it

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