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  1. Sonora Statehood referendum when

  2. amerikkka is a far bigger criminal organization then the cartels ever were

  3. How’s that transphobia? The discussion is not even about trans issues?

  4. ban reduced to 1 day, be more careful reposting things you don't understand next time

  5. Han Dong is resigning as a Liberal MP and will sit as an independent

  6. Justin Trudeau made a YouTube channel trying to compete with poilievre social media presence.

  7. gotta work on the audio a bit but it's good, very vox-y

  8. I voted for the Åland Islands independence party in the Finnish election because I don’t want Swedes in my country

  9. blowing an almost comical amount of political capital on raising the retirement age a couple of years is honestly an OG neolib move. sincere respect to macron.

  10. there's still time. ban the boerburgerbeweging NOW

  11. unfortunate about the hitlerite migration policy

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