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SW: 475 CW: 190. I did IF from 9pm till 2pm. Ate clean, lost 200lbs. Had skin removal surgery, lost about 100 more. Gained some back in muscle. I work out about 6 days a week, but I lost my first 200lbs with small diet changes & IF.

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  1. How to buy park tickets? I've been trying to buy online from their website but it's getting rejected. Can you only buy tickets from their website only if you're in Japan?

  2. I bought them online, from Canada, on a web browser (I use Chrome but I don't think it makes a difference) with a credit card, no VPN needed. I got the wakuwari discount for 6,700 yen

  3. I haven't done Mario Kart yet! However from what I know about that ride, I think Indiana Jones has more intense motion and speed. That being said, it's still far less intense than Forbidden Journey, but I think it's probably closer to that ride than it is to Mario Kart.

  4. Was there a catalyst for change? Did you always have this amazing discipline and determination, or did you acquire it 2 years ago by some event or something?

  5. I've done it a few times when someone is clearly suicidal, or it seems like a genuine cry for help, which in these situations is not uncommon. In those cases, my philosophy is 'it can't hurt.'

  6. It can't hurt, but it also can't help. It does absolutely shit all

  7. Is there anything better than stumbling upon two petty, intellectually superior redditors clashing in the wild?

  8. Have you ever seen the two guys on a body building forum arguing over how many days there are in a week

  9. It's the first two weeks of the Christmas special events and also the start of a new nighttime show at DisneySea.

  10. Would you reckon it'll be busy between those days? Do you think the crowds will be a little better on Nov 30?

  11. I went a few weeks ago for the “Halloween” event, and because of the discounted tickets, the park was so full you literally couldn’t do anything. If it’s on the weekend I don’t suggest going. If it’s a week day, it should be fine. The minimum wait time at every quick service restaurant was 40 minutes. It was 20 minute waits for popcorn and churros too. Lots of rides are under renovation in the parks as well, making the wait times for rides quite unbearable. It may be discounted, but I feel it’s better to go at a time without the discount.

  12. how much of that crowd would you reckon was caused by the halloween event itself, and how much of it was it due to the discount?

  13. It's a limited-budget special event season plus it's downtime for a lot of attractions. OLC is gearing up for the 40th from next spring. So they are using these discounts to try to bring folks into the Parks.

  14. 7 and 1 are the same hue, so it might be possible to see them depending on the severity. The 4 is closer in hue to the background color so it’s a lot harder to see. I can’t see it either but it’s there.

  15. The 1 portion of the 4 is orange, the rest of the 4 portion is like coral/blush. The rest is magenta

  16. I'm going to japan next week. I have a small list of products to buy, namely various hada labo things, kose softymo oil, and skin aqua sunscreen. What else should I add to my list?

  17. Repeating the same thing so anyone who might have the same question will see:

  18. The part on that blog that mentions the reformulation says:

  19. Organized chaos can be quite safe. Look at any overly populated city.

  20. It depends on the species, but the Chinese mantises I kept averaged about seven months. In the wild, they live during the warmer months, lay their eggs, then die just before winter with their eggs surviving the cold and hatching in the spring. They live for a little longer in captivity, but they were still only built to survive a single season so they usually died late in the fall.

  21. I got them as eggs from a garden center. They sold them as natural pest control for gardens. I hatched hundreds of them out and released most of them into my garden and kept a handful. I never tried to breed them, usually because I ended up with all males or females.

  22. Were they green or brown? If they were green, damn the garden center was selling millions of invasive species


  24. I dont think there needs to be a commotion or a trigger if there are enough people. Panic will set in by itself once people start to feel crushed.

  25. There was another thread saying how it was started by 5 guys pushing people in the back, causing a ripple effect

  26. I'm going to japan next week. I have a small list of products to buy, namely various hada labo things, kose softymo oil, and skin aqua sunscreen. What else should I add to my list?

  27. That's a very arbitrary definition of developed.

  28. Also, why is Venezuela on this list at all, there's no healthcare, like at all

  29. Don't actually lmao. The comment was a joke. that shit is used to rob people and date rape. Also it's (obviously) illegal

  30. I'm pretty sure someone spiked my drink at a concert in NYC many years ago. My then boyfriend drank my drink and was behaving in a way that, in hindsight, was probably caused by ghb

  31. And I thought us spanish were weird for calling him calamardo

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