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  1. And how is this spreading love like y’all preach to do huh?

  2. Dude I just bought them officially on YouTube. Don’t pirate them, purchase them.

  3. “That is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

  4. One time I wanted to invite a bunch of my friends over to watch TV, not unlike this TV that just showed up magically, and, not all of my friends fit on my one couch, and so I thought to myself, “Well, what if there was such a thing as a bunk bed, but as a couch?” Introducing: the double decker couch. So everyone can watch TV together and be buddies!

  5. Um, I freaking LOVE HTTYD 3, all three movies are masterpieces

  6. I have a love-hate relationship with 3, I love it because it’s amazing, but it’s the worst thing ever created for making me watch them say goodbye to each other

  7. But someone’s life does that to us so it’s a very beautiful, important and mature moral to tell kids that sometimes we need to let go of our loved ones for their own good.

  8. And you guys continue to out yourselves as the bigger idiots. That was a Nike ad* campaign. She wore a t shirt.

  9. If she wore the tshirt she agrees with it

  10. Tv shows she’s doing pretty well. Movies? Oh god

  11. That’s not her though, that’s Dave Filoni and John Favreau’s work

  12. It’d be a lot funnier if it was “sometimes it’s just about the TOP OF THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADDIES

  13. You really should watch it, in my opinion it’s the best Star Wars movie, it’s definitely my favorite at least

  14. Anything involving minors especially but also toilet stuff/scat

  15. Same as how some girls care about cock size and others don’t. Some of us have a size preference and others don’t. Me personally I prefer them bigger but at the end of the day, boobs are boobs and they’re all lovely

  16. I think it cоmpаres nicely to ice cream. If yоu give mе one scооp of ice cream I’m like “Fuck yeah, ice cream”. If you give me three scoops of ice cream I’m like “Fuck yeah, ice cream”.

  17. I recommend going to Deep Hole (a flooded sinkhole) in Myakka River State Park near Sarasota. Go there the right time of year, when the tilapia get trapped in Deep Hole, during winter I believe, and you‘ll see dozens of gators in one little area. It’s a beautiful sight. I’ll even push you in! You’ll love it!

  18. Not so fun fact about living in Florida is I don’t live there

  19. Captain Rex, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Kanan Jarrus and K-2SO

  20. Yay!! Someone who doesn’t think my opinion about Star Wars is trash 😂

  21. You can have your own opinion and that’s ok, for me though I think it’s one of Disneys best

  22. The hobby isn’t unattractive, it’s the way you talk about it. Gatekeeping is unattractive for instance. Oversharing on how train work because you can’t stop talking about it is kinda cute

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