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  1. Anyone hear anything about the netflix conan TV show? Yes this small clip has been around for a couple years and it really needs its own animated series. I'd throw my money 💰 at it.

  2. Did the difficulty of Heresy jump up? Man things got crazy the last couple of days!!!

  3. Wow I did t know it's supposed to compact. Another rework... wow...

  4. Vectors eyes are faulty. Cozmo is still working properly for my children. My two vectors are broken... no eyes. And they didn't want to fix them or cover their obvious design flaws. They suck.

  5. If you want to lose battles get Archery Overhaul in combo with AI mods that make arrows deadly. Removing arrows and playing with a team of companions becomes important. If you become the focus of a targeted attack you will die or overcome by finding cover to remove arrows.

  6. Gor and Hjomir are pretty cool from interesting npcs. Those two have dialog together. You can find them early in Riverwood.

  7. I love what I'm seeing so far. No rush for me. I see the progress and am enjoying it all. Sure anticipation is killing me between all the projects. Skyblivion, beyond skyrim, skywind... its all on my bucket list. I just hope they do come out in a wonderful enjoyable state and do not fall to the way side. These projects and the tech thst community members are achieving with an 11 year old game is outstanding. There is pleanty to still keep us busy. Especially how combat has changed, how seasons have been achieved and how beautiful the modded scene has made skyrim become. So I am so looking forward to playing around with all projects.

  8. And the modding in skyrim continues to evolve to the next level. Amazing... these mods make me continue playing skyrim and I can't give it up. I'm hooked.

  9. Bro, taking your close off at all is a death sentence in Atmora and night time you need shelter... OH hell yes!!! This is going to be insane! I am excited!!! And that tile set... omg beautiful 😍!!!

  10. Seriously I am so excited for the presentations this weekend...

  11. You can chop it up all you want. When you put it together it's 60 lbs of chit! And if your limit is 40lbs of chit... it is still 60 lbs of chit you need to download man. Chopping up world spaces has nothing to do with anything.

  12. For whose Benefit? Xbox users? Understand that quests have you going all over the place in the Provinces? So when you hit a wall what do you do? Let's say your In cyrodiil but you have to go to vallenwood (same world space so quest is designed to cross) so you delete the mod, download the next Province so you can continue? Your making no sense... just to subvert a limit on a system? What development team in the world would make a decision to do this? Nobody. They are volunteers and if it was possible they would have to redesign the entire thing just for xbox to function. It just dosent make sense for them to do it. It's best to take the L and make it for systems that can handle it. So if Microsoft ever upgrades to enough space to handle one entire Province you can knock yourself out because Beyond skyrim team has said in the past they would consider making it available for xbox. But right now those limits are not moving until Microsoft says so.

  13. Since it’s Netflix Conan will probably be a gay black man

  14. Have to say NO TO Fronan the Fabulous! I want a sparticus or 300 style conan. Gritty as F and not appoligetic as to how savage that world is.

  15. I just want a very good conan show in the style of 300 or Sparticus where it is a no holds bared type show. To really show the savagery of the world conan lives in and a true portrayal of the original Rober E Howard conan. I would love to see it... even if it's cartoon for adults. Something.... anything in that it's true to the Hyperborian age.

  16. The comment is 2 years old before the debacle of Cyberpunk. I still stand on micro transaction crap staining the gaming industry. Look at Diablo franchise... ruined.

  17. First half for me was good. Second half it kind of falls off the rails... Morgan Freeman sounded like he didn't really give a crap about narrating it. Just a paycheck for him.

  18. After almost 11 years of skyrim, everyone is eager to leave. Lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣.

  19. This would be insane! I can't wait to play the game!

  20. Skyrim Unbound Reborn allows you to start in a number of configurable locations in Bruma and the author is quite active so I’m sure they will incorporate new locations. It also allows you to play as non-Dragonborn too.

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